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Climbing styles

Published: 19.1.2008

Free climbing

Whole route is to be  climbed over by means of free style.  The rock only is being used for climbing purposes , other material (rope, hooks, wedgings, etc.) serve for security only.

„OS“ ( on sight )

It is most admitted climbing style. The climber would not know the way, he would not know where difficult points are placed, he would not no even how the other climbers  are marching on. The climbing is effected on first end of ropes from low part and the climber has to overcome it without a fall. The climber takes  alone all security elements with.

It is allowed to inspect  the way from the bottom or use the field-glass.



In case of Flash are valid similar rules as  at „OS“ , anyway there is a small difference, before the climbing you can follow other climbers, so you have some information at disposal in advance. The security is allowed.

This style is very respected.

„RP“ (Rot punkt)

It is a free way-crossing at the first end of rope without fall. The way may be trained or climbed before. The security is taken by climber alone. It is not allowed to have a rest in security. In case of fall, the climber sinks to the last point where you can have a rest  „no hand rest“ ( a place where you can rest without using of hands), the rope has to be pulled down and all given security picked.

This style is mostly respected and used.

„PP“ ( pink point)


The same style as in case of RP , with the exception – security is put on the way and the climber „clicks“ only. This style is respected.

„AF“ ( all free)


The climber climbs on the first end of rope and  gives more added security. The security points can be used for a rest but not for mounting. Actual sports trend  takes this procedure as „mounting not effected“.

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