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Georgia: From Zagaro Pass to Kutaisi – The Last Part of Our Journey

Published: 3.11.2018
When we woke up in the morning, the sun was shining over the Zagaro Pass. But the way was not gaunt due to the snow, so we waited and waited ...

výhledy na okolní hory v Zagaro Pass

And in order to shorten our wait, we went to the other side of the valley, so we had something to enjoy once again. Everywhere the country was absolutely incredible and untouched by people. That wildness and beauty will take your breath away. You will not see it anymore. We reach a village where only 8 families live. Over the winter, they have to live out of the stock they had grown in the summer because it's a hell out of town.

rozpadlé domy někde cestou necestou

cesta přes Zagaro Pass    směr Lentheki

On the way we drove through very remote villages. In comparison with relative powerty of the locals, some houses are huge, enormous and include a large terrace. We even saw a huge statue of Stalin in one garden. When we arrived at Lentheki, we were staying at a very nice family. People would do anything here for you. There was a feast for dinner, and in the morning a festive breakfast was waiting for us. Locals love the Czech Republic and Czech tourists, showed us many family photos and we got one more tip for a trip, namely Green Lake, which is a short walk from Lentheki. So we set off.

místní honosné stavby   místní stavby

Green Lake is an amazing, remote place. The road there goes across a wooden bridge that hangs over the river. At the lake is a log cabin where you can refresh yourself, you can even catch trout. In Green Lake there are trouts with trout. One comes here in paradise. From here we continued up to Tkibul to the Mukhuri waterfall.

Green Lake   vodopád Mukhuri

rychlé občerstvení v horách

All this journey led through a beautiful valley surrounded by forested mountains. We were riding around a wild river and constantly were welcomed by domestic animals, such as cows and pigs. They have such freedom here that if one thinks about it, ththeir owners don't even know which belongs to whom. There is also a beautiful flora - primrose, daffodils, wild herbs etc. Georgia has totally captured me. I strongly recommend this country. The untouched nature and hospitality of the locals is unbelievable.

GPS: 42°15'57.3"N 42°42'59.9"E


Text and photos: Kateřina Janovská

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