Published: 7.3.2008
Along Lužnice river, in South Bohemian Region, there is situated the town of Tábor. It is the second greatest town of this region. Tábor is an important tourist centre, its historical nucleus is declared as a monumental zone. Tábor is divided into 15 quarters, 36 000 inhabitants are living here. The town is important especially thanks to Hussite Movement and is known as railway junction also.

King Přemysl Ottakar II founded in 13th century in original community a castle of name Hradiště. In 14th century there are noted  Konrád and Hněvka Parentages. At the same time period, the church of St.Philip and Jacob was built. The town of Tábor was established in 1420 and obtained its name according to place of Thabor near to Nazareth in today´s Israel. The founders were ready to create new communion, without private ownership, ruled accoring to Lord´s Act only. The citizens were named as Tábors´ the order in town was regulated by four captains.

Tabor Hall

Tabor, a former prison

Tabor Park Hus

The town was its own army. They successively conquested and plundered the monasteries in the surroundings (in Milevsko, Louňovice and Zlatá Koruna). Seized property became a main income-source of Tábor community. In 1437, Tábor was declared as King´s town and an escutcheon was obtained. Some years later, a water reservoir Jordán, was created, and in 1512 a church of Jesus Christ Transfiguration on Tábor Mount was terminated. Within 1750-1848 Tábor became a regional town. In 1902, the first South Bohemian agricultural, industry and ethnographical exhibition took place here, and consequently, in 1906 the first exhibition dedicated to Jan Huss. 

Tabor, JordanTabor, Botanical GardenTabor, Garnet Rock 

As to most important monuments belongs so called Old Town Hall, built in late Gothic style. The building has four wings, inside you find so called Great Hall. In middle of 17th century it was rebuilt in Baroque style. Further places of interest: just mentioned Church of Jesus Christ Transfiguration, castle and water reservoir Jordán. Except of this, you find in town, Huss Orchard, Botanical garden, geological formation Granat Rock and shrine church in Klokoty.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Foto: Wikimedia Commons, Rudolf Kukačka, č.2, č.3, č.4, ŠJů, Jitka Erbenová, Chmee2



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