River Bodva - Slovakia

spring (source):
The river sources below Osadník Hill, at the border with Slovak Karst and Volovské Hills.
flow length:
45 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

Bodva-river sources below Osadník Hill, at the border with Slovak Karst and Volovské Hills, in an altitude of 850 metres above sea level, in south-west direction from spa community of Štos. From its total flow length (110 kms), Slovak territory takes 45 kms only, its height exceeding makes 680 metres. The river mouths into Slaná-river, but just in Hungary, at the community of Bodva. The river-basin has the extention exceeding 11 000 square kilometres, in Slovakia it makes 876 square kilometres. To important Bodva tributaries belongs Ida-river (its flow length makes 52 kms) and Turna-river (flow length makes 31 kms). Total river-bed makes 67% from total Bodva river-bed in the territory of Slovakia.

The river flows predominantly in east direction, in great curves into Košice plain-land. Here, its character is changing, from mountain torrent to plain river, and further, it is winding ahead in west direction. Nevertheless, great part of waters - on its upper section - is caught, as drinking water, for the area of Košice, and let away to Hornád river basin. However, this reality causes that the river becomes often dry in its lower flow, at the community of Moldava. The river passes the headlands of several karst areas, where a part of its waters is disappearing in karst basement, supplying local springs in such way. Anyway, just in past, several artificial water basins were built  on its upper flow, which seized the water for the need of ironworks. Later, some other water reservoirs were added, as sources of drinking water and for water-economy purposes. On its lower flow, the water was, within last couple of years, however, expressively polluted, (damaged), with agricultural, municipal or industrial pollution.



It is available in Medzev and Moldava nad Bodvou

Food supply:

It is available in Medzev, Štos and Moldava nad Bodvou

First aid:

It is available in Rožňava and Košice


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