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River Dobšinský potok (Dobšinský brook) - Slovakia

spring (source):
This brook sources on southern slopes os Stratenská Highlands.
flow length:
4 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

Dobšinský brook sources on southern slopes of Stratenská Highlands in an are of Slovak Paradise. From here, the brook flows in southeast direction. Its river basin makes 57 square kilometres, and from total length of 15 kms, it is 5 kms navigable. From the community of Dobšiná, the brook has partially narrow its river bed, anyway difficult places, from watermen point of view, are missing. At well effected security from banks, it is possible to descent the lake at Dobšiná power station in Vlčia dolina.

This section is 1,5 kms long and it has high difficulty stage – from the bridge up to the object below the dam. In both direction navigation, there are several torrent partition-walls and one high passable stage. Anyway, most difficult there is an arrival at the mouth, where the water sticks nearly vertically against concrete wall of right-bank navigation of Dobšiná brook. So, this section is, owing to its character and safe necessity, not recommandable for standard water tourist activity.

Dobšinský brook is passable at higher water level only, i.e. at water register index relating to 110 cm at least in Dobšiná. In a section from electric power station, there is possible to take advantage of better water level of 4-6 cubic meters/sec. So, it is possible in time, when power station works (in working days since 9 till 12 o´clock). Useful information could be obtained at power station operation leader.


It is available in Dobšiná.

Food supply:

It is available on Dobšiná and Dedinky.

First aid:

It is available in Dobšiná.

Places of interest:


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