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River Bystrianka - Slovakia

spring (source):
This river sources below Ďumbier Mountain Peak.
flow length:
15 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river sources below Ďumbier Mountain Peak. From Trangoška, it flows through Bystrá lowland towards south. Anyway, near to the community of Bystrá, the river turns to southwest, and near the town of Podbrezová, it mouths, from right side, into Hron river. Bystrianka takes the water from surface of 97 square kilometres, passable section measures 15 kms.

Bystrianka is quick mountain small river with narrow, bouldary river bed, many high thresholds, rapids and rollers. However, the places for landing are missing. Below Partisan hotel, the valley becomes more open. Nevertheless, the next section, the navigation is blocked with many barricades. So, we recommend you to finish the navigation at hotel „Na Tálech“. Lower section, strengthened with Štiavnička river from left side, is passable from the community of Bystrá. Its river-bed is stony, anyway, the slope is lower anyway, near to Piesok, after mouth of flood-gate from power station, there appear in flow passable cascades.

Water register index is missing, in case of Bystrianka. The navigation has to be judged on spot, as follows: upper section: in space of Hotel Partisan, and next, below mouth of Štiavnička-river (for your next passage). Anyway, favourable water level stages could be expected in spring or after heavy rains only.


It is available in the town of Podbrezová.

Food supply:

It is available in Podbrezová.

First aid:

It is available in Podbrezová.

Places of interest:


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