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River Biela Orava (White Orava) - Slovakia

spring (source):
The river sources in north-west part of Oravska Magura Mountain Range.
flow length:
25 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river sources in north-west part of Oravska Magura. At first, it flows in north direction, near to the community of Oravská Lesná the river flows to the east and this direction is kept up to its mouth into Orava-Dam, near to the town of Námestovo. River-basin surface makes 470 square kilometres, the length of passable flow makes 25,4 kms.

The river flows in its upper section through wide but very nice valley with views to Oravská Magura and Liptovské hole. The river basin is 5-6 metres wide, the banks are covered with grove (this fact makes the navigation rather difficult). Fallen trees cause practically the only obstacle in navigation, except one non-passable weir in upper part of the flow. Some thresholds occure from time to time, anyway they create small rapids only. In its lower flow, after tributary of small river of Klinianka, Biela Orava  has relatively wide river-bed with speed flowing water and periodic rapids. The navigation is not difficult, we can recommend it even to watermen-beginners. It is passable also with open vessels. Open camping place is to be found at south bank of Orava-Dam, just opposite the island.

However, water-register along the river is missing. The river is passable, at high water-level, from Oravská Lesná, at middle high water level from a bridge, after Klinianka mouth. Nevertheless, sufficient water level is available at spring snow thaw or after heavy rains.


It is available in the community of Východná.

Food supply:

It is available in places: Oravská Lesná, Zákamenné, Námestovo, Oravská Jasenica.

First aid:

It is available in Námestovo.

Places of interest:


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