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The river creates on southern slopes of Muráň table-land.
flow length:
70 km

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River description:

This river creates on southern slopes of Muráň table-land in Slovak Ore Mountains, with confluence of Klenovska Rimava and Tisovecka Rimava small rivers. At first, it flows to the south, anyway, near to the community of Rimavska Baňa, it turns moderately to southeast, and from Jesenské, it heads for the east. Finally, near to the community of Lenartovce, the river mouths into Slaná-river. Its river bed takes 1380 km², the length of navigable flow is 70 kms long. However, some water-economic maps are missing.

In its upper flow, the river flows throughout deep valley as mountain torrent with narrow and stony river bed. Nevertheless, its slope is becoming lower quite quickly, the flow is more quiet. At the town of Rimavská Sobota, the river has its low-land character. It flows among meadows and fields and its banks are overgrown.

Along the flow, there are to be found several weirs, several of them are damaged. The river is accessible even for watermen-beginners, and it is navigable also with open boats (vessels). However, after Hnušta, the river starts to be hardly polluted.


It is available in the town of Hnušta.

Food supply:

It is available in Hnušta, Rimavské Brezovo, Rimavská Sobota, Rimavské Janovce and Jesenské.

First aid:

It is available in Hnušta and Rimavská Sobota.

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