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Náměšť na Hané

Published: 17.11.2008
The community of Náměšť na Hané is to be found fourteen kilometers distant from district town of Olomouc, and twelve kilometres from King´s town of Litovel. The town is located on confluence of small river Šumice and Baběnice brook, on slope of Drahanská Highlands.

Náměšť na Hané is possible to be placed between big cultural centŕes in Olomouc region. Greatest cultural events, organized in the town, there are music festivals. Folk festival Zahrada (Garden) is presented as greatest folk festival in Czech Republic. The visitors can hear, except folk music, also world music, rock, country music, bluegrass, jazz, tramp, blues and spiritual Namest na Hane, castlesongs. The organizers prepare for visitors exhibitions, dance and theater performances. The entrance ticket includes also camping possibility. The festival participans can use regular transport from Olomouc and vice-versa.

Further important festival, taken place in Náměšť, is so called „Drátofest“. Here, the rock music predominates. Provided the visitors are hungry or thirsty, rich refreshment is available. A speciality of this action: these are so called rock-sausages, or vegetarian kitchen. As far as standard menu are concerned, there is a choice from bagettes, pasta, hamburgers or special potato meals. Last, but not least, good beer does not miss at such festival, of course.

As far as the places of interest are concerned, there is, no doubt, local castle (chateau). French patterns as well as Baroque style signs are visible on castle building. The chateau has four wings. You can admire here valuable collection of magnificent carriages (coaches), in possession of important church dignitaries in past. The castle is surrounded with beautiful circle Namest na Hane, courtyardpark. Some construction arrangements were effected by Mr. Křemen, famous garden architect. We find here summer-house, basin, colonnade and even linden-tree alleys, running out into all four cardinal points. As far as the trees planted here, there is necessary to stress red oak and ginkgo. This tree is as timber-wood coming from China and presents important decorating element of garden architecture.

The castle was established by Ferdinand Bonaventura, Count of Harrach in 1760. His daughter, Mary Rose, inherited it in 1778. Later, she got married to Count Kinsky. Kinsky Parentage, similarly as Harrach Parentage, belonged to important aristocrat families. Count Eugen II. Kinsky sold this seat to František Ottáhal in 1916, businessman with iron. This man paid him more than two millions of Austrian Crowns at that time. The tradesman let the castle completely reconstructed, he put here the electricity, water-conduit and central heating. After his death, the castle became an inheritance for his wife Namest na Hane, coachand children. However, all inheritors were declared as German citizens, and te ownership was, according to President Beneš decrets, confiscated. At present, the chateau is in the ownership of the community, taken over from State Castles, Chateaux and Gardens of North Moravia Administration in 2000.

Next lower castle is not too attractive for visitors. It was constructed at the end of 15th century as late Gothic stronghold. In middle of 16th century, it obtained its Renaissance face. However, this castle did not fulfilled the owner´s requirements, so the building of upper castle was started.  Later, this building was used as a space for textile production and also as a malt-house. Tourists, who love and enjoy nice romantic walks, cannot miss a visit of nature park Therese Valley, situated between communities of Paskov and Náměšť na Hané. The park is situated on great area and small river of Šumice flows through. This nature park is, thanks to its botanical and archaeological  wealth, very valuable area of Moravia.


Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Miaow, Pernak, č.2, č.3

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