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Endless hiking trails in unspoiled nature, meditation tranquility, cozy little village with interesting building monuments and in the center of everything a hotel with amazing wellness, where they will take care of their guests great. Isn't this the sky of a tourist? We are convinced.

This is where we came across the foothills of Hrubý Jeseník, only 20 km from the town of Jeseník.

Podhůří Jeseníků kolem Branné

Goldenstein – Kolštejn – Branná

The village Branná, which we mean, has a long and interesting history. It was founded around 1282 as Goldenstein. The first one was probably a castle here, which was built in the Middle Ages to defend the Golden Path. Later, its part was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau.

The name of the village Kolštejn is a Czechized garb of the original name. It held until the end of World War II, now the village bears the name Branná after the local river. Since 1992, the historical center of the village is an urban conservation area.

However, the name Kolštejn has not disappeared, so it is called Relax Center, which provides tourists with comfortable facilities. Let's get back to him.

kostel sv. Michaela

Branná City Protected Landscape Area

The monument zone is adorned with a Renaissance reeve building and a beautiful dominant building of the originally evangelical church of Archangel Michael. In the niche of the outer wall there is a baroque statue of St. John of Nepomuk and nearby there is also a sculpture Pieta, dating back to 1663! The church is connected by the above-ground corridor with the parish building.

A few steps away is a square with a charming Renaissance town hall. There is a fountain under the aged trees for almost 200 years and one of the houses in a row behind it is the mentioned Relax Center Kolštejn and Wellness Hotel Kolštejn *** superior. Right on the square, in the original reeve building from 1325, there is Hotel garni Kolstejn ***, restaurant Kolstejn and microbrewery Kolstejn.

Branná v ranním oparu

Where to on a Trip?

Deep forests, photogenic mountains and sparse settlements are the cornerstones of the local promised landscape. A dense network of marked paths, ski areas, cycle paths and a lookout tower are here for anyone looking for active relaxation. The Pasák nature trail runs right through the center of the village, which leads to the Jeseníky ridges to the rocks of the same name. The 250 m long and 30 m high rock is strangely geomorphologically shaped and has always attracted attention. There is a legend about a shepherd who did not watch his herd, and the origin of the name of the rock. Remarkable nature also has its rare inhabitants. There are corncrakes (Crexcrex), rowan, quail (Coturnixcoturnix), red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio), and the plant kingdom has precious stones here: Platantherabifolia, Listeraovatum (Listeraovata) and Lilia.

podzim v Branné

Lovers of military history in the area admire the well-preserved line of pre-war border fortifications. Two kilometers from Branná is a series of cannabis and infantry log cabins, some of which have been renovated by the Military History Club and occasionally accessible.

There are thoughtfully trained cycling terrains, although in the hills there are usually cycle paths along the contour line. You will ride through a beautiful forest environment with views of the Jeseníky Mountains and Králický Sněžník. Those who like to relax can borrow an electric bike, scooters are available for non-traditional experiences. In winter, you just change your bike for cross-country skiing.

Those who have enough energy in the evening, there is a two-lane bowling and two billiard tables.


Relax Center of Kolštejn

It's great that you don't have to go anywhere for the night. Right in the middle of this tourist paradise, there are two hotels which, in addition to accommodation services, also offer wellness - and that is exactly what your tired and tired body needs.

Throughout the year, in all weather, there is a swimming pool with salt water and counterflow. Salt water has a very beneficial effect on the skin and inhalation of saturated vapor salts relieves breathing difficulties. Therefore, the visit is recommended to allergy sufferers. You will feel right at the seaside.

Bazén se slanou vodou je v provozu celoročněBiliard v Relax centru KolštejnZde se provozují saunové ceremoniály

Sauna Rituals and Vital World

Sauna rituals in the Relax Center elevate the routine sauna to a divine level. They have a predetermined program and are led by an experienced professional.

Vital World is the name of the entire sauna complex with a wide range of relaxation procedures. Vital World equipment includes 2 types of dry and 5 types of steam saunas, Kneipp pails, tepidarium, massage showers, cooling pool and whirlpool.

Our secret tip: The unique premises of the Vital World can be rented for a private company!

Or vice versa - take advantage of the opportunity to relax in the intimate atmosphere of private wellness. A stone cellar lined with wood, magical music, sparkling wine and candles and complete privacy in which you will not be disturbed. Enjoy a Finnish sauna, a steam bath with a salt aroma, massage showers, tropical rain or a hot tub?

Luxury and perfect corporate event, bachelor party or relaxation phase of sports events can best be held right here. There are facilities for up to 100 people.

budova hotelu Relax centrum Kolštejn je součástí památkové zóny

Relaxing Massages

Massage is the most reliable help for the tired organism. Whether you are just tired of all-day sports or have a particular problem (sore back, migraines, “heavy feet”…), massages will help you relieve yourself. They improve blood circulation to the skin, muscles and joints and thus improve their overall condition. Fatigue and pain disappear as if by magic.

Some of the troubles will be helped by thermotherapy with classical massage, some by honey massage or hot stone massage. Peat and paraffin wraps are not only medical but also cosmetic procedure, cupping and beer baths as well. And we haven't mentioned chocolate wraps and clay masks yet!

v restauraci   Minipivovar Kolštejn

Kolštejn Minibrewery

In the background of the hotel restaurant there is the Microbrewery of Kolštejn, which follows the former local brewing tradition. It brews light and semi-dark lagers and beer specials according to the season. The beers are unpasteurized and unfiltered and you can also taste them during a guided tour of the microbrewery associated with tasting.

Here you don't het bored. Here you chill.

GPS: 50°9'8.48"N; 17°0'36.86"E

Relax centrum Kolštejn
Branná 60, 788 25 Branná

+420 583 286 421
+420 602 651 027

Text and photos: Relax Centrum Kolštejn

Edited by: Radka Snížková

The highest castle in Bohemia, the largest water area in Bohemia, the largest national park in Bohemia, the largest network of cycling and cycling routes in Bohemia and perhaps the best active holiday in Bohemia.

It is Vítkův Castle, Lipno, and Šumava. You can find everything in Přední Výtoň - a village on the shore of Lipno lake.

Take a bike (we take an older electro-bike) and come to see places where it was not possible for a long time and where everything you can imagine has changed in the last few decades. The emergence of Czechoslovakia, the expulsion of Czechs inland, the expulsion of the Germans into Austria and Germany, the construction of the Lipno lake, the establishment of the border zone, and thus the depopulation of the vast part of eastern Šumava.

Přední Výtoň

Přední Výtoň is a village on the shores of Lake Lipno, it is an ideal starting point for cyclists and hikers, but also lazers by the water. Everything is in one place, you won't know where to look earlier. Ideal for individual, group, school and other tourism offers Hotel AKTIV ***, which is focused onfamilies with children, groups, seminars, trainings, weddings and offers facilities for cyclists. The beach with facilities is only a few minutes away. Winter and summer holidays in Hotel AKTIV *** will not disappoint any client looking for an active vacation.


Vítkův Castle

The highest situated castle in Bohemia (1053 meters above sea level) with the largest preserved tower - donjon of 17.5 × 14 m - offers the most beautiful views of the Bohemian Forest, Lipno, the Novohradské Mountains and in good weather also the Austrian Alps.

Vítkův hrádek

Schwarzenberg Canal

A unique man-made canal connecting one of the tributaries of the Cold Vltava and the Austrian tributary of the Danube Große Mühl, connecting the North Sea and the Black Sea.

Perished Settlements

Rychnůvek, Rožnov, Pernek, and others. Today, we can cross the border to Austria several times on a bike trip and nothing happens.

Lipenské jezero

Built on the Vltava River in the years 1952–1959. With an area of 48.7 km2, it is the largest reservoir and the largest water area in the Czech Republic (which is also sometimes referred to as the Czech Sea). For tourists and cyclists offers unique ferries across the lake, you must definitely experience.


Moldaublick, Alpenblick

Lookout towers just outside the border are accessible both by bike and on foot.

Obec Přední Výtoň

It is located on the right bank of the Lipno Reservoir, 4 km from the Austrian border. The first written record comes from the year 1377. The village has 242 permanent residents. It is an attractive summer and winter tourist destination. The built asphalt bike path that runs along the lake shore will delight not only cyclists and hikers, but also lovers of in-line skating.

Přední Výtoň in winter

Bike Trails and Bike Routes

A plethora of routes from the simplest (cycle and in-line trail Přední Výtoň - Lipno - Frymburk) to the hikes to the highest peaks. You can take a different route everyday.

Walking and Hiking

Marked hiking trails all around.

The Alps from the Treetop Walkway

And quite nearby you will find: Český Krumlov - a UNESCO-listed town, Vyšší Brod - a border town, a paradise for all canoeists with an important monastery, a Lipno dam with a sightseeing route, Austria just a stone's throw away and of course the TREETOP WALKWAY and the FOREST KINGDOM.
In winter, visit three great ski resorts: Hochficht - the best ski resort outside the Alps, Ski Resort LIPNO - the best family resort in the Czech Republic, Sternstein Ski Resort.
You can visit Přední Výtoň, Šumava, Lipno and Hotel AKTIV ***.

Skiing on Lipno

GPS: 48°37'39.8"N 14°10'10.5"E

Source: Hotel AKTIV***

Photos: Hotel AKTIV***, Wikimedia Commons: Martin2035

What is the best Christmas present for a tourist? After all, a holiday voucher! Preferably to a nice hotel in an interesting place, which will not be boring even in bad weather. Want a tip? We have one particular!

Přerov, autor archiv MMPr

The Best of Moravia

UNESCO has noticed two extraordinary monuments in Moravia and it is a well-known fact that as UNESCO notices something, it is worth noting too. First we mention Kroměříž - gardens and archbishop's manor. Its representative halls are so exhibition, opulent, beautiful and rich that they can boldly compete with the Hofburg in Vienna. This is what the filmmakers know, and so many fairy tales and historical films were shot here, such as the famous Amadeus or the recent television series Maria Theresa. When you walk around the castle, you will surely know a lot of places.

Kroměříž (Pixabay)   Olomouc (Pixabay)

The second Moravian monument on the prestigious world list is the baroque plague column in Olomouc, the largest and most beautiful in the country. And by far this is not the only Olomouc magnet for tourists. When you see the city center with the famous pillar, astronomical clock and the Cathedral. Wenceslas, head to the zoo on the Holy Hill or the baroque fortress just across the river Morava.

Where to Stay?

We know a great place, exactly half way between Olomouc and Kromeriz, from every city a stone's throw away. It is LH hotel Jana**** in Přerov. Přerov itself is a quiet, cozy and welcoming town with a historical zone, medieval walls and a chateau with a unique exhibition of old school classes. If you like playing tennis, you can practice on the courts right next to the hotel. For swimmers there is a heated outdoor pool at the hotel. You can then relax on a steamer during a cruise on the Bečva River.

LH hotel Jana

Hotel Jana is ready for rainy days:

  • bowling
  • billiards
  • ping pong
  • darts
  • wellness center with Finnish, hay and bio sauna, salt and aroma steam, whirlpool, Kneipp path, heated benches and relaxing massages can be booked.

Throughout the hotel there is wifi and in every room LCD satellite TV.

bowling   wellness

In the four-star comfort of course there are such things as a bathroom, hairdryer, safe or minibar in the room, but some rooms are equipped with a coffee machine and for all hotel clients is an oasis of the hotel restaurant Fontana! It cooks from the best homemade ingredients. As a confirmation of their uniqueness, the chefs have recipes for Czech specialties checked by other experts and the restaurant now boasts Czech Specials certification! The gastronomic experience will be complemented by a selection of Moravian and French wines.


Something for Bikers

The Bečva Bicycle Trail is 150 km long behind the hotel. The trail is interesting at almost any time of the year and is divided into several sections. Only a very small part of the trail runs across the road, mostly you will drive through peaceful countryside along paved forest and field roads. Bicycles or scooters can be rented at the hotel. You can reach the open-air museum in Rožnov or in the opposite direction to Tovačov Castle.

Přerov, autor Dominik Bachůrek   Přerov, autor archiv MMPr

Přerov, autor archiv MMPr

Put aside couple of days to come here and enjoy a beautiful vacation!

GPS: 49°27'22.8"N 17°28'00.6"E


Source: LH hotel Jana****

Today we invite you for a trip just outside the Czech-Slovak border, at the foot of the Little Carpathians. Our base was the Diana Hotel in Nové Město nad Váhom, from which beautiful castles in the fabulous and gentle countryside of the Central Považie are easily accessible.

Fortified Church with A Leaning Tower

Right in Nove Mesto, there is one of the most interesting sacral monuments we have ever seen. It is a fortified church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. It is late Romanesque, later rebuilt in Gothic style. It is remarkable that his tower is diverted from the vertical axis by a full 107 cm!

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

Cachtice Castle

Only 6 km southwest of the town lies the famous ruins of the Cachtice castle. He was most famous for the mysterious and frightening legend of the Hungarian noblewoman, Elizabeth Bathory, who was said to have bathed in the blood of her maids. We were wondering if the place is really a source of negative energy and whether we are able to feel it in some places. Many sensitizers even warn before visiting the castle, said the local energy zones may cause severe headaches and nausea. We walked through the castle crisscrossing and we could swear - the head didn't hurt anyone. On the contrary, we were enchanted by the view of the beautiful countryside in the area. We were also entertained by a sign posted here to commemorate the filming of Oldřich Lipský's film "The Secret of the Castle in the Carpathians".

čachtický hrad


From Nove Mesto to the other side and the same fantastic ruin - Beckov Castle. He has no bloody legend, so perhaps he is not so well-known, but otherwise he does not deal with Chachtic. Here again, the legend about Catherine is told, which is also the subject of the visitor's game. Playful tourists come to their own place, there are a number of events motivated by the Middle Ages during the season. Visitors can learn about the construction and historical development of the castle from the guides during the tours. But it is best to lie down in the grass, observe the unusual shields of the castle palace, the clouds in the sky and the surrounding hills.

Beckov, Jozef Dovičin   Beckov, Pixabay

Paradise for Bikers

All the surrounding sights and nature can be best known if you have the opportunity to take a bike ride here. The hills here are mild, for moderate cyclists. For an idea: Cachtice castle is situated at an altitude of 360 m. The popular tourist destination along the 20 km long cycle route is Piešťany. In this spa town there is no shortage of cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and refreshments of all kinds, and the calm atmosphere of the landscaped city is literally a balsam for the nerves.

apartment Hotel Diana   Hotel Diana

we rented bikes at Hotel Diana   Hotel Diana

Where to Stay

We recommend to stay Hotel Diana ***. We appreciated the fact that they also accommodated our dog and families could again find a large apartment with a kitchen. The hotel has an excellent location due to all the sights that are in the neighborhood, there is comfort, peace, excellent Slovak cuisine and above all, you will be lent to these bicycles ;-).


GPS: 48°45'17.6"N 17°49'59.3"E

Text: Radka Snížková

Photos: Diana hotel archive, Pixabay, Jozef Dovičin

Just as the Vltava river leaves the border of the capital in the north, it turns right from the castle and small town, graciously set in the green and rocky canyon - Roztoky. The easy accessibility of the historical center of Prague and the location in the beautiful nature reserve makes the solution an ideal place for both life and vacation.

Roztoky Chateau

The small but charming mansion is the adornment and the heart of the whole Solution. The former 13th century fortress with circular walls and the central prismatic tower was rebuilt in the Renaissance period. Arcane arcades were added, and in the 18th century an English park. Today the visitors admire the trench, pulleys and weights of the original drawbridge at the gate, medieval stone lining and also the architecturally valuable interiors in which its exhibition is located in the Central Bohemian Museum.

Roztoky chateau

Serene Valley

At the chateau there is the Uneticky brook. If you go against its current, you will pass through the romantic Silent Valley and the adjoining nature reserve of Únětický Útok Creek. The path leads around many natural attractions, memorable trees and buildings. In the Tiché Valley, you can admire the romantic villas of the early 20th century, built into the hillside and surrounded by landscaped gardens. The path also leads around Trojan's mill. Although this object is private and can not be visited, it may well be familiar to you from outside. May be. In the past, the popular series "There were once two scribes" was filming here.

On the way, you will be accompanied by the educational board of the nature trail, where you can read about the local natural attractions and the history of some buildings that you will pass.

Tiche valley

Sportsmen Are Welcome

Around the Vltava River and the Quiet Valley lead marked cycling routes and are among the most popular in the wider area. The Vltava river is crossed only in one way - ferry. And ferry is a fun diversification of the trip for children and adults, runs daily from 5.40 hrs, in the summer until 18.30 o'clock.

romantic nature in Tiche Valley

For instance, a ride on the right bank of the river to the zoo (about 7 km) is very beautiful. And you don't have to travel solely by bike, the terrain is also suitable for roller skating, jogging or walking. On the opposite side there is a target for the castle settlement Levy Hradec (5 km). Here was the seat of the first Přemyslids and there stands a small ancient church on the site of the original rotunda. From the fortification there is a nice view of the river canyon, it is no wonder that our ancestors chose this place to build a mansion.

church, Levy Hradec   ferry - Roztoky-Klecánky

In Roztoky, golfers, fans of climbing on the artificial wall and tennis also have bowling in Academic Hotelopportunities what to do. Novotou September A multifunctional football field also shines how brand new it is.

A Tip for Vacation

The rivers are connected with Prague by a very convenient transport either by suburban buses (the journey to Dejvice takes just 10 minutes) or by train. Trains along this route run one after another and the journey to Holešovice station takes 10 minutes, to the center of Masarykovo nádraží 20 minutes. Whoever wants to spend their holidays in Prague while enjoying the tranquility of natural suburban locations, Roztoky must be the number one choice for choice.

Academic Hotel   a room, Academic Hotel

Stay at the hotel in Tyršovo Square. The Academic Congress Hotel**** offers spacious rooms with top comfort and air conditioning, high-speed internet access, a sauna, a relax center, a bowling alley and a restaurant. In short, you will be as if you were in heavens.

GPS: 50°09'42.6"N 14°23'31.7"E


Text: Radka Snížková

Photos: Wikimedia Commons: Lukáš Kalista, ŠJů, Jiří Bernard, Jiří Antonín Votýpka, ŠJů (2)

CZ: To Nature!
Published: 26.3.2020
Quarantine gives us basically the only way to enjoy the fresh air, and these are walks in the wild, ideally in places where we will be alone. Let's stop panicking for a while and let us enjoy the quiet observation of the awakening nature. It is beauty!

SK: The Best Hot Springs in Slovakia Worth Visiting
Published: 25.3.2020
Both hot springs and thermal spas have long been considered only as a resting place for older people who come here to treat illnesses through the healing properties of mineral or thermal waters. But hot springs have changed today and are much more than just a spa, offering comprehensive wellness stays for all ages.

CZ: Spring Walk Through the Valley of the Mže River from Svojštín Castle  – VIDEO
Published: 24.3.2020
I like to discover places in the Czech Republic that are rather forgotten. Even better off high season. In the spring mood I went to the beautiful valley of the river Mze near Stříbro and in the video I will transfer you there for a while.

SK: Make Use of Days Off and Plan Your Summer Vacation in the Tatras
Published: 22.3.2020
High Tatras are often associated with winter holidays. With skis, mulled wine and views of the beautiful snow-capped mountains. In fact, this region is even nicer in summer and will certainly appeal to lovers of hiking and nature. Today we bring little inspiration.

WORLD: Travelling in the Shadow of Coronavirus
Published: 18.3.2020
Today, we bring you a little unusual travel article, focusing on COVID-19 causing sadness, fear and panic in over 150 countries or autonomous regions of the world.

SK, Špania Dolina – Winter Walk in the Area
Published: 15.3.2020
We haven't taken you to mountains in Slovakia for a long time now, so we'll fix it today. We will visit one of the mining gems of Slovakia, which is Špania Dolina. It lies less than 11 kilometers from Banská Bystrica in the arms of the Starohorské Hills.

CZ, Giant Mountains – Exceptional Mountain Hotel
Published: 11.3.2020
Today we set out to one of the most visited tourist areas in the Czech Republic, the majestic and highest mountains of the country - the Giant Mountains. Our goal will be the largest and oldest mountain cabin of Luční bouda (1410 m above sea level).

SK, Sklené – A Village at the Foothill of the Ziar Mountains
Published: 8.3.2020
Beautiful Turčianska basin hides many picturesque places and natural beauty. One of them is the village of Sklené, which lies at the southern tip of the Turiec region in the Turčianské Teplice district.

CZ, Pilsen-Lochotín – To the Zoo and Beyond
Published: 5.3.2020
Today, Lochotín is by most visitors to Pilsen associated with the area of botanical and zoological gardens, eventually with an amphitheater, but the area has a much more interesting history associated mainly with spa.

Great Britain, London – Trips in a Big City
Published: 4.3.2020
Get to know the UK's capital of through the eyes of a tourist. Today, we will recommend places you definitely need to visit, look at the local cultural habits and reveal several attractions.

SK, Liptovsky Hradok – Lesser Known Tourist Spots
Published: 1.3.2020
We return to a small but beautiful town Liptovský Hrádok. In addition to the natural beauty of the confluence of the Váh and Bela, the natural parallel bar Skalka or an exceptional arboretum, it also offers a number of technical, medieval or historical monuments and attractions.

CZ, Orlicka Dam - View from Different Perspective
Published: 27.2.2020
By the end of March this year, visitors to the Orlik Dam will have a view of places that are normally hidden under water. You can just go for a walk along the exposed banks or visit some famous historical monuments.

Great Brtain, Brighton and Hove – The Best Place for Life
Published: 26.2.2020
Today we take you to the seaside town of Brighton and Hove. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two independent cities offering up to 1997 (status of Queen Elizabeth II in 2001), which offer a rich history, beautiful monuments, quirky culture and sports.

SK, Dovalovo – Urban District of Liptovsky Hradok Worth Visiting
Published: 23.2.2020
Today we will take you to the district of Liptovský Hrádok - Dovalov. It was administratively attached to this charming town in 1971, although its size is larger than Hrádok itself.

Great Britain, Brighton – Amazing Royal Residence
Published: 19.2.2020
From the magnificent Palace Pier through the Old Steine garden, we head to one of Brighton's most sought-after attractions, the former Royal Pavilion.

SK, Hybe – The Village of Famous Outlaw
Published: 16.2.2020
We will continue the series of articles about Liptov municipalities today. This time we will visit the village of Hybe, which was made famous by Martin Ťapák's movie 1975 - Pacho, the outlaw of Hybe.

Great Britain, Brighton – A Walk on Amazing Shoreline
Published: 12.2.2020
After visiting the 360-degree lookout tower, we will stroll down the Brighton Coast today, decorated with architecturally impressive buildings. If we headed toward King's Road, we could get to the renovated 1884 Victorian gazebo.

SK, Východná – Folklore Heart of Slovakia
Published: 9.2.2020
After a visit to Vazec, today we move a little further to the neighboring village Východná. This Liptov village has been associated with the biggest Slovak folklore festival, which has been held here since 1953 for decades.

Great Britain, Brighton – 360-Degree Lookout Tower
Published: 5.2.2020
Brighton's seafront offers many attractions. Today we will visit the British Airways i360 futuristic lookout tower, located opposite the equally famous West Pier.

SK, Važec – Peculiar Town in the Heart of Nature
Published: 2.2.2020
Liptov is one of the most visited regions in Slovakia and we will follow in the following weeks in the footsteps of distinctive Liptov villages, which still live in traditions and offer several sights. And we start in Vazec.

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