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SK, Bratislava Region – Small Carpathian Region of Experiences II

Published: 29.4.2020
Last week we went to explore the Slovak regions. The first of them was Bratislavský, which, despite its relatively small area, offers a number of interesting tips for trips. Today we will continue his visit and we will go to one unusual street and to nature.

On the Road

Have you ever heard of Bratislava's "Street of Light"? Isn't it? You are right, a street with such a name really does not exist in Bratislava. However, it is the name of a very interesting Bratislava attraction, which has the character of a modern interactive game combined with an interesting educational walk through the streets of old Bratislava. It starts on the Danube embankment opposite the Slovak National Gallery, where there is an information panel with more detailed information about the attraction. QR codes will take care of interactivity. After scanning them, you will get an educational mobile application. The street light consists of 14 stops, more like lamps, where you can read interesting facts about lighting.

Ulice světla

Trips to Nature

Partizánska louka and Železná studánka in Bratislava are a sought-after and popular place of rest not only for families with children, but for all lovers of active relaxation in nature. In the forest park you will find children's, football, basketball, volleyball and other playgrounds, as well as groomed forest trails suitable for walking, running or cycling.


You will also find interesting nature trails here. A pleasant walk will take you to the chairlift, which will take you to one of the hills of the Little Carpathians, Kamzík. In addition to sports, you can prepare your own snacks on the public grill or many fireplaces. For the lazy there is a buffet. In summer, various cultural events take place here in the natural amphitheater. The whole area is open to the general public.

Železná studánka

The Železná studánka recreational locality, which also includes Partizánská louka, is within easy reach of a public transport stop. There is also a free car park just below the Red Bridge.

Tři jezdci

If you go outside the capital, we highly recommend tourists a popular location called the Three Riders. It is located northwest of the town of Modra, on the western slope of the Velká Homole hill (709 m above sea level), on which there is also a much-visited wooden lookout tower. The Three Riders can be reached from Pezinok or Modra, or from Zochova chata from the Piesok locality. The Three Riders site (687 m above sea level) consists of a massive rock gorge rising steeply on the western ridge of Velká Homole. Rock formations are also popular with climbers, who use them as training rocks.

zřícenina Pajštún

zřícenina Pajštún  zřícenina Pajštún (výhled)

Equally interesting is the beautiful ruins of Pajštún Castle, which stands on a limestone ridge near the village of Borinka. The medieval monument dates from the 13th century, in the past the castle belonged to the system of border castles in the Little Carpathians, where it served a defensive function. In 1809 the castle was destroyed by Napoleonic troops and since then it has only fallen into disrepair. At present, it is a popular destination, from the castle there is a beautiful view of the Carpathians, the Záhorská lowland and, in very good weather, the Alps. The Pajštún castle ridge is the so-called Mecca of climbers. He was also conquered by the greats of Slovak mountaineering, such as Psotka, Demján and Dieška.


Top Events

Even if the current situation does not allow you to organize events, after its end you will definitely be able to enjoy Bratislava for everyone! This amazing event offers a large number of free entries or events, regardless of age, gender or even financial possibilities.


As part of these self-government open days, you have a unique opportunity to get to know Bratislava and its surroundings a little differently than on normal days. For example, you can visit the mayor, take part in the sealing of the city gates, experience St. George's festivities, visit the Bratislava Book Exchange, listen to various concerts, admire art exhibitions, visit city museums and galleries, take themed guided tours or ride a historic tram. It also offers the opportunity to visit the zoo or enjoy ice skating for the public, and that's not all...

Malé Karpaty

Next week we will invite you for a walk around the famous place of pilgrimage and we will recommend you one exceptional bike trip.

GPS: 48°10'35.7"N 17°04'26.6"E (Bratislava, Partizánska louka)


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