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Oparno Valley - Bohemian Highlands

Published: 4.6.2010
Unique territory of Bohemian Highlands, protected countryside area, belongs to one of optimal starting points for tourist walks, and, first of all, for cycling around wide environs. No doubt, a nest of cycling routes (which is increasing all the time) helps to that fact. This area offers marvellous views of the nature, and one part of its is formed with Oparno Valley.

This locality became very popular excursion resort.

Oparno Valley forms a part of Bohemian Highlands protected countryside area. At present, this section is marked in cards and guides, the region between communities of Oparno and Žernoseky, so, it is situated in north direction from the town of Lovosice, below slopes of Lovoš Hill. The whole valley is an ideal place for walking activities and for cycling excursions. Just along Milešov brook,which flows throughout the valley, you can set out beautiful, easy five kilometres walk. The valley-countryside is variegated, you have the chance to walk across meadows, forests and even rocks. Local nature could be admired, along the whole length of Oparno Valley hill-side, also from the train, where local railway line from Lovosice up to Teplice is passing.

Except beautiful nature, it is worth to be mentioned also a ruin of Oparno Gothic Castle. The ruin is situated on afforested hill above the community of the same name. The castle comes of 14th century, and even in the environs, you can find the rests of primeval quarries. Who would prefer such effort and would come towards the castle, the panoramatic view of the region, including hills and mountains around,would be offered to him. In past, several mills were situated there. One of them was in operation even in the course of the 2nd World War.

In picturesque Oparno Valley, the visitors have, since 2005, modern relax area, ideally equipped for sporting activities. You have the possibility to play there lawn-tennis, soccer, volley-ball, basket-ball, badminton, petanque and other sorts of sports. The base in Oparno Valley offers the activity as inside the area, as well as in the surrounding countryside. This resort is ideal place for horse-riding, conditional running, cycling and walking, as mentioned above. Inside local area, the kids (children) have playground available. Sporting place is situated just on main cycling line Most-Doksy. It is also accessible by ferry on Labe (Elbe) river or from cycling line Greenways Hamburg-Vienna.

In upper part of Oparno Valley, you can see gigantic arches of D8 highway. Oparno Valley is situated near to the route of finished section of the highway, with Oparno Bridge, 275 metres long. This unique construction, inside protected Bohemian Highland area, was started at the beginning of 2008. It is unique, just from the reason, that it is effected in countryside belt, where all special strict requirements, connected with nature protection, must be fulfilled. So, the builders do not have the permission to enter the valley. The designers offered such construction, which overarch the valley, without necessity of any bulding interference with the bridge itself. So, an extraordinary vaulted bridge was created, Anyway, such great iron-concrete vaulted bridges are, according to the opinion of building experts, rather unusual. So, Oparno Bridge is the second biggest one. The greater bridge is those Podolsky Bridge, arising above Orlík Dam, constructed seventy years ago.

Bohemian Highlands countryside area is, as far as the variety of plant and animal sorts are concerned, one of richest nature localities in our country. So, this area is really worth to visit.

Text/Photo: Eva Tomčiaková, TALK PR 

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

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