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Obidos - A Tip For Wedding Gift

Published: 7.9.2010
"When you marriage me, I'll present you with all the town!" - Don Denis, one of Portuguese Kings, said. And Dona Isabel? She did not reply: „No!“, of course. She obtained Obidos. But its was no exception at that time period. Since 1282, this town became a typical gift for brides.

Nevertheless, this enamoured story happened hundreds of years ago, and only the legends about both representatives remainded alive. But, on the other hand, Obidos is still present, in order to remind their love with its beauty.

A yoke of horses is to be found a couple of steps from overcrowded parking place. The weather is very hot, moving with the air, and the horses drink the water from buckles. Great part of Middle Age town is bordered with long aquaduct. In past, this reservoir supplied comfortably all inhabitants. This long stone construction, reminding a bridge, is connecting the castle with outer bailey. A carriage with horses set into movement after couple of minutes waiting. The tourists are rather lazy to move ahead, so the carriage starts to mount in direction to this small town, closed with its ramparts.


towards the Obidos castleObidosview from the ramparts - Obidos

Information centre without any info, the town, full of impressions  

Local information centre could be found easily, not far from parking place. The leaflet in English contains basic data about the town of Obidus. And this material is the only one, which is  available. Anyway, the Portugueses prefer the impressions more than printed information materials. Nevertheless, it is a tactics, which is to be paid.

The cock - one of the symbols of Portuguese innocence

view from castle - Obidosview from castle - Obidosview from castle - Obidos

Obidus with nobility

Along main road, the street sellers are placed. They are offering juicy fruit, fresh vegetables and various tourist souvenirs, of course. The carrigage with horses is passing three nuns in narrow streets. They do with pleasure an object for making photos, especially for one tourist, but they do not forget to take some small change, as a reward. The tables in front of pubs and restaurants are placed in front of them, taking a space to all, who are walking through up and down. The waiter understands English. Nevetheless, in another small towns, you could come to understanding with local people with difficulties. On the other hand, in Obidus they meet many foreigners and they are used for them. So, they do their best, in order to meet all their wishes, if possible. They do it really carefully and with nobility, indeed.

nuns in the narrow...streets

the church - Obidostypical street - ObidosThe church - ObidosTypical street - Obidos

Salt history of this „hot town“

Five hundred years ago, Obidus was situated in Peniche Island, and the navies moored at its castle walls. However, the sea stepped back consequently, and only a fertile plateau remained, including  flat and narrow lagoon, which could lead you into waters of Atlantic Ocean.

However, predominant part of the town had to be reconstructed after strong earthquake, which hit Portugal in 1755. Apart of this, Obidus preserved its Middle Age face. So, paved streets or bright white houses, decortated wuth clear blue or yellow colour shades remained, including violent stone staircases,available. Mounting upstairs, you arrive up to ramparts, offering unique circular views of the town, and unusual green nature, surrounding the town.

blue and white decoration local theater

Text/photo: Klára Svobodová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Video: Klára Svobodová

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