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Sochi - the town of sun II.

Published: 31.3.2010
The World of Plants

Nature countryside in the environs of Sochi is very nice. In mountain belt, virgin forests were preserved, formed with Caucasus fir-woods and beech-woods, and at its upper border, sub-Alpine meadows with high grass are spreading, and at higher altitude, you can find Alpine-meadows with many beaming sorts of grass and flowers. Numerous mountain tops are permanently covered with snow and glaciers, and at foot of mountains and inside low and wide littoral valley, you can admire green gardens and parks, tea, lemon and oranges plantations. The beauty of this Caucasus Country is added by blue sea. During summer time period, water temperature is moving between + 20° C and + 32° C.

Sea Water

Superficial waters of Black Sea contain chlorine, iodine, bromine, sulphates, carbonates, sodium, calcareous chloride and magnesia sulphates. This chemical variety has the influence for bio-chemical processes, brings metabolism to normal state and has many other positive functions.

Sochi Sightseeings

Complex Agura-river pass - Achun Mountain - Eagles´ Rocks

The territory of Sochi National Park is really unique place. On top of the highest mountain in surroundings, known as Achun, a tower was constructed in 1936. In order to get its upper look (view), you have to overcome spiral of stone stages. Each next spiral turning presents to visitor magnificent view towards sea distances, Caucasus Mountain Panorama and the town, placed downstairs in front of you.  From the height of 700 metres above sea level, you can see practically the whole town. It is a tradition that under clear weather conditions, you can see even Turkish sea-side from Achun Tower. After small walk, leading downstairs from Achun Mountain, you reach Agur Pass, where you can find unrepeatable cascade consisted from three waterfalls (the first is more steep as the second), surrounded towards tabeland platforms. To tell the truth, what could be more mysterius and beautiful?

On the way to legendary Eagles´ Rocks, where Prometheus was joined by forging (according to the legend), you can find many interesting places, such as: „Love Cave“, or „Devil´s Lodge“, and, finally, three metres high hero statue, who presented to human race everlasting fire.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš





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