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Thailand, Doi Inthanon – The Highest Mountain in Thailand – VIDEO

Published: 4.4.2017
Anyone who asks me where to from Chiang Mai, Thailand, gets the advice to visit Doi Inthanon national park. I recommend the very same trip also to you.

Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain is situated in the  Doi Inthanon park. Here you can get better grasp of what you can expect from the mountain range spanning between Chiang Mai and the border with Myanmar. It goes further north to China where it jonis the Himalayas. The mountains make the north of Thailand more fun for me than the south where beaches are.

the beginning of the trail in the for forest

The best attraction in Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest mountain the peak of which reachs 2565 meters. Thai National Observatory and military/meteorological radar are sitauted right next to the peak. Thus, quite a goodroad leads up there. Every day dozens of vans crowded with tourists set off to here from Chiang Ma 100 km away. you can book a trip here for little over 1000 THB at any travel agency in Chiang Mai.

fog forest on the peak   a shrine on the top

However, the best way to travel there is by scooter or better by good bike. This gives you greater freedom and about 50 kilometers inside the park where you drive up from about 300 meters above sea level to the very top. This is considered one of the best possible bike trips in Asia.

Make a stop in Khun Klang village. You can visit here an agricultural research station with a botanical garden and beautiful orchards like in Doi Ang Khang.

the temple garden

Even when traveling by van it is most likely that you will make a stop at one of the
a trip towards the waterfalls small waterfalls - usually Mae Klang. Should you travel on your own then visit the grandiose Namtok Mae Pa – the highest waterfall in Chiang Mai province - it is about 100 meters high surrounded by wild jungle.

Within the territory of Doi Inthanon park there is vast karst cave  Tham Bori Chinda. In the cave, there are stalactites and a little underground river.

The most frequent place consists of two large stupas which are very photogenic. The temples of Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri were built to comemmorate the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadey in the year 1987 and the 60th birthday of Queen Sirikit in the year 1992. Here, one can experience great vista over the valley and the mountains. If you are there by yourselves, visit the area during sundown. 

the temples on the peak

Be sure to visit precious fog primaveal forest at the peak. There you will feel like you were in the ent forest in the Lord of the Rings books. A trail goes here from the parking lot.

the vista from the temples

It was in Doi Inthanon for the second time and it will be my pleasure to return here once more. The national park is huge. There is still something new to discover plus the vista from the peak of the mountain will ever be amazing.

GPS: 18°35'16.7"N 98°29'14.3"E


Text, foto a video: Matouš Vinš

Hudba: Sergey Cheremisinov


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