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CZ: Počátky – The Birth Place of Otokar Březina

Published: 1.2.2013
There is a town in beautiful Region of Vysočina that you can visit during your walks in the land.

Březinovo rodištěThe history of Počátky

The town of Počátky is located in Pelhřimov district in the Region of Vysočina on the border of Bohemia and Moavia. There live around 26000 people in the town and it is divided in six parts– Počátky, Heřmaneč u Počátek, Horní Vilímeč, Léskovec, Prostý, Vesce u Počátek.

An area around Počátky used to be a dense forest that was gradually destroyed by people. First mention of Počátky was in the first half of the 13. century in documents made by Tobiáš z Počátky z Bechyně. Počátky was described as a town that was looted during war of Wenceslas II with Záviš z Falknštejna from Vítkovci dynasty. The first documented owner of the settlement was Vítek ze Svábenic however, other sources tell the settlement was owned by Benešovci family. Počátky was originally a market village where was constructed a parish Radnicethat was built thanks to loyalty of the town to Menhart z Hradce during the Husits Wars. Počátky received also a right to construct sone walls.

The town flourished in the second half of the 19th century. In that period there were built several factories, some of them still work, and there were established many associations and organizations. Since 1884 there is a public general hospital. Počátky were popular for its fresh air and healthy water in the 20th century. Nearby are St Catherina’s Spas that used to be popular among rich people of Prague.

The most important native of Počátky is Otokar Březina (1868-1929), a poet, writer and particularly a representative of symbolism. After he ended his mandatory education in Počátky he continued his studies in Telč. In 1873 Lázeňská ulicethere was a wedding of Josef Václav Sládek, one of the Czech National Revival poets, and Emilie Nedvídková in the Church of St John the Baptist

Today the town is surrounded by several tourist paths that lead to Telč, Jindřichov Hradec, Kamenice nad Lipou, Pelhřimov a Horní Cerekve.

What you should visit

The Town’s Museum was established in 1892, it is the oldest museum in the Region. After a 14 year renovation there was opened a permanent Kostel sv. Jana Křtiteleexhibition of Počátky history in 1997. The exposition contains literature from the period of the Czech National Revival, products of crafts and social life of the 19th century.

Among interesting things you can see in the town is also a lookout tower by the Church of John the Baptist , house where Otokar Březina was born , house where Tomáš Pešina of Čechorod, the 17th century historian, was born or „In the steps of old draper masters of Počátky” nature trail.

There are also several landmarks in the town, such the Corpus Christi church , the Church of John the Baptist, the Church of St Catherine , Wayside shrine, parish, townhall, fountain, a column with the Virgin Mary statue on the Mariánské Square, or the Chapel of St Anne .Městský znak  

Walking from Počátky by the red natural trail you can get on the so calledBřezina Way to former St Catherine’s Spas , Jihlávka, Bor Pond by which there is a memorial of Hussite warriors and the Březina Way will also get you to Telč. Nearby Počátky by Horní Ves on northeast direction there is Horní Castle.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia - Packa (foto 2, foto 3, foto 4)

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