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River Small Danube and Váh Danube - Slovakia

spring (source):
Small Danube turns away from Danube.
flow length:
160 km

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River description:

Small Danube turns away from Danube in left direction below Bratislava. The area between both flows names Velký Žitný ostrov (Great Rye Island). Main flow is conected with this branch-arm under name Váh-Danube, when Váh-river was taken. So, Small Danube is 135,6 kms long, whereas Váh Danube is 24,9 kms long. Both parts are very good navigable along its total length. Owing to the fact that there are not available all water-describing maps, it was stipulated actual valid numbering of water kilometrage.

Small Danube is typical plain river. It flows with moderate, standard stream through many bendings, in the middle of fields and meadows. The banks of quite narrow river basin are bordered mostly with trees and bushes. Anyway, the towns and communities, the river keeps away, however, the enjoyment from calm navigation is disturbed by pollution below Bratislava. Váh-Danube, powerful river with moderate stream, is being used also for river traffic. So, it is necessary therefore to follow the belonging river-orders (prescriptions). Nevertheless, some dangerous places on Small Danube as well as Váh Danube are missing. Both parts are navigable all year round.


It is available in Bratislava.

Food supply:

It is available in Bratislava, Kolárovo and komárno.

First aid:

It is available in Bratislava, Kolárovo and Komárno.

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