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Biela Voda Valley

Published: 20.5.2010
This National Nature Reservation is situated in north part of High Tatra Mountains inside land-register of the community of Tatranska Javorina, Prešov Region. The valley is 13 kms long, with many great adjoining valleys, and it is the longest one in High Tatra.

The valley is surrounded from west with Kozi Wierch and Woloszyna, from south with) High Tatra Mountain Ridge and from east with lateral splitter of Široká massif. This last one was created mostly with limestones, and you can find there interesting karst formations. Recently discovered cave „Měsíční stín“ (Moon Shadow) has really pretty big dimensions.

Mountain torrent Bílá voda (White Water) which flows through this valley, sprung from confluence of Zelený (Green) and Litvorový brook, below glassy threshold of Kačací údolí (Duck Valley). Later, in Polish part, Bílá voda (White Water) mouths into Dunajec-river.

Main valley has in its sourcing part four small valleys. Below Vysoká and Rysy Peaks, Těžká dolina (Heavy Valley) is placed. You can find there two lakes: Horní Zmrzlé (Upper Frozen Lake) and Těžké jezero (Heavy Lake), and downstairs, a waterfall, 12 metres high, is situated. In east direction, Kačací dolina (Duck Valley) drops with its rocky threshold into main valley. You can find  there Hviezdoslav Waterfall (15 metres high) and Zelené Kačaci pleso (Green Duck Lake). Litvor Valley is open for tourists. On its lowest stage, Litvor Lake is to be found. The other valley in the neighbourhood is Svištová dolina (Marmot Valley), including miniature Hrubé pleso (Rough Lake).

Left-sided lateral Žabí Bielovodska dolina (Froggy White Water Valley) is hidding, on its sharply bordered bottom, two White Water Froggy lakes (these lakes are the fourth and the tenth biggest lakes on Slovak part of Tatra Mountains). These two big valleys, placed on Polish side, contain also three greatest lakes of Tatra Mountains. This locality is frequently visited by tourists, and it is a contrast with quiet Slovak White Water Valley.

White Water Valley is accessible for tourists from Lysá Polana. In summer, you can pass through, following blue marked tourist trails, via Prielom (2288 m) to Zbojnická Cottage(Brigand Cottage) and ahead, just to Tatranska Lomnica. or Starý Smokovec. From frozen basin, situated in upper part of the valley, you can pass, following green marked tourist trail, across Polish Ridge (2200 m) towards Slezský dom (Silesia House) in Velická Valley, and further ahead, up to the community of Tatranska Polianka or Starý Smokovec. However, in winter, its low section towards Bielovodska polana is open for public.

And something more…

During Ice time period, White Water Valley was filled up with the greatest glacier. It took over 3300 ha and was 13 kms long, 330 metres thick and 1,5 kms long. When the glacier ceased to exist, White Water Valley became manual sample of so called post-glacial development stage. You can find there marvellous glacier lakes, and you can also identify moraine mounds.

Text: Z. Megerssová
Photo: wikipedia.org, vysoketatry.com, sopsr.sk

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