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CZ: Balcarka Cave

Published: 24.12.2010
This cave is situated inside headland of Balcar Rock, close to subterranean flow of Lopač and Krasový brooks, in an altitude of 460 metres above sea level. Complicated many-storey cave system is furnished with rich stalactite decoration.

Three entries lead into subterranean spaces, such as:

Main entrance is situated inside slope of ridge of Balcar Rock, between Suchý and Krasový channel, not far from the locality Ostrov near Macocha.

The second entry leads into Popeluška Cave and is made in artificial way.

And finally, the low entrance is to be found at foot of Balcar Rock.


From vaulted portal (dimensions 6x5 metres), a corridor, 40 metres long, is leading. closed with clayish alluviations. From there, a staircase continues into low spaces. This cave system has two height levels, connected with high halls, domes and chimneys. Among them, mostly narrow corridors, often enlarged in artificial way, are to be found.

High arched space - a chapel (dimensions 14x6 metres) was discovered on 21st February 1924 (it was probably former affluent channel). At present, it is closed with stones, alluvions and cemented sintre.


In north-east direction, Balcarka flows into Foch Dome (named according to French marshal from the 1st World War), which is the biggest subterranean space, and is obviously joined with near Garden Cave. From Foch Dome, a steep ascent continues towards Gallery and Nature Corridor, where very rich and preserved stalagmite decoration on walls and cealings is to be found.

The sightseeing tour leads into Discoverer´s Dome, where all walls and cealings  are covered with stratta of mash sintre. The route is terminated in „Popeluška“, with, „Handzar“, curved stalactite as a dominanta. However, the original stalactite was stolen in past, so, it is a copy, made according to photos. Low floors remain undiscovered up to now.

Decoration elements:

- big number of quills, the stalagmites of stick and carrote forms, sintre coverings and pirolits 


Interesting facts:

- in 1869, a seat of a man from stone era was discovered there

- together six fireplaces were discovered in the cave. Except of these, big number of bone instruments, slate whetstones, 280 stone tools as well as big number of animal bones were found there, such as: the boens of beaver, reindeer, rhinoceros, horse, bear, etc.

- as a unique subject, a tooth of puppy mammoth was found there.

- the cave is an important winter hiding place for bats, more than 51 animals stay regularly there

- air temperature in the cave is moving between 7 and 8 °C

- the route, open for public, is 650 metres long

- total length of the whole system makes 1150 meters


Text: Tereza Flašková

Source: Jeskyně (Edice Chráněná území), RNDr. Jaroslav Hromas a kolektiv


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