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Published: 22.2.2008
The district town of Prachatice is situated on Živný brook at foot of Bohemian Forest in South Bohemian Region. The town was founded on merchant „Gold Path“ probably on place of today´s community of Staré Prachatice (Old Prachatice). New town of Prachatice was established at the beginning of 14th century, together with a church of St.Jacob on a square.

PrachaticeFirst written notice comes of 1323. The town of Prachatice became very important, especiallly thanks to the import of salt. However, in 15th century the town was destroyed by Hussite troops, anyway, later re-newed, and in 1436 became a King´s town. The biggest development was reached in 16th century. After 30-years´war, the town brought to life in the middle of 20th century only. The town´s fortifications of 14th centuryremained preserve up to now, including Helvít-bastion and Lower-Gate of Gothic-Renaissance style.


The town´s nucleus is formed by a square with Baroque fontain and Neo-Renaissance building of Town Hall. In city centre, we find a lot of Gothic and Renaissance houses, some of them are decorated with sgraffitos. In one of these, in Žďárský house, you find a town´s museum.
In the outskirts, you find the biggest sun clock in Czech Republic, and former St.Margarethe Spa.

Prachatice skyline 


Text: Markéta Řandová

Foto: Wikimedia Commons, Sveter, Martin Vavřík, Chmee2, č.2, č.3 



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