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Nauru Islands IV.

Published: 26.4.2010
Dangerous Plants and Animals

Inside waters around the island, several sorts of sharks as well as numerous quantity of poisonous sea animals are appearing (they are, first of all, some sorts of fish and corals). Some sorts of sea animals contain poisonous toxins, so, it is recommended to consult local inhabitants before any consumption will be started. During swimming, it is highly recommended to be dressed in diving costume, and at entrance into the water, at non-arranged coast, you would always take fixed shoes, protecting your legs against injuries from needles of sea animals and sharp edges of coral fragments.


This small and quite noisy town of Yaren is situated in a district of the same name in south of the isNauru airportland. It is formal island metropolis, presenting unsystematically dispersed community, which is few resembling the town. You can find there several administrative offices and Nauru international airport.

As far as places of interest are concerned, it is so called Parliament House, autonomy buildings and police station, concentrated along narrow belt between airport ascenting and landing lines and coast line.

On the other hand, from ascenting line, inside coast cliffs, there is to be found an entrance into town´s nature sight - i.e. cave and small underground Moqua Well Lake. You can also visit two small museums and rests of protecting positions from 2nd World War time pHouse of Parliamenteriod, where many bunkers are to be found, where even at present some outfits could be discovered.

Inside complex of National Office for Tourist Movement, there is placed a centre of art and handycrafts, where most of preserved local products, stone instruments of original inhabitants of island are concentrated, hunting instruments and pieces of cloths, first of all „ingurig“ – traditional skirt from fibres, manufactured from marsh-mallow leaves. Except of this, you can admire in National Museum a collection of photos from pre-war and war time period, and also a collection of subjects from household equipment, including other historical artefacts.


In north-west direction from Yaren, Aiwo district is situated. It is the second region, with Arijejenunofficial capital Nauru, as this community is alike capital more than Yaren. Higher level of the town was secured with sea ports and canal, situated in this district (however, ring of rifs makes great complications to access of ocean ships towards island´s beaches), so, it is no wonder that just here all industrial infrastructure of Nauru is concentrated there. You can see there the only Aiwu boulevard, new port, Chinese quarter, Nauru Council Building (NIC), Nauru Phosphate Corporation Building (NPC), O´dn-Aiwo Hotel (one of total two hotels, situated in the island), and electric power station.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš











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