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Spain, Mallorca: Palma

Published: 21.6.2017
Palma de Mallorca (Palma is an oficial name) is the capital and the largest city of the Balearic Islands. So, how can you enjoy a vacation here?

The city of Palma is situated on the southwest coastline of Mallorca. It is accessible by freeways from most tourist resorts on the island. There are bus lines linking it with large tourist resorts on the island therefore there is basically no need to rent a car. Public transportation is of high-quality and great service here. Buses are clean and with air-condition. You can buy a ticket directly from driver and it is easy even if you don't speak any of important world languages.


Porta Principal (western gate of the cathedral)Many visitors follow travel agents' advice and get off on Catedral stop or Plaza de la Reina stop whjich is bit further away. This get the tourists to Catedral Sa Seu, the greatest sights in the city. The Gothic-style structure covers an area of  6 500 square meters. This is one of the largest Christian temples in Europe. Its construction began in the year 1230 and completed in 1587.

TheAlmudaina palace architecter Gaudi designed its current look. The exterior is amazing at the first sight.  However, the inside gets even better. The cathedral consists of three aisles. Its large rose shaped windows which make the inside of the cathedral very bright. For this the cathedral is dubbed the cathedral of light.

Below the cathedral, there is space which could be ideal for relaxation – Parc de la Mar. Inside the park there is a lake and a fountain. The lake was made so to reflect the cathedral itself.

Next to the cathedral there is Almudaina palace, an important sight, formerly the residence of Moor viziers and later of kings of Mallorca. This easy to spot building hosues a museum today and makes of typical silhouette of the city. Moreover, you can see the entire Palm Bay up from the ramparts.

Bay of Palma 

The cathedral and its immediate surroundings are popular among tourists – there are many cafes, restaurants, souvenir stores, and street vendors. Order "churros" – delicious long sort of donuts dipped into chocolate – if you get lured to sit in some of the restaurants (it is really hard to resist for waiters tray to rule you in everywhere). Yet the prices are not really affordable unlike ordering the same food at the edge of the city.

Parc da le Mar   public park

Should you like to avoid walking or you have children with you they often like to avoid walking. So you can easily ride through the historic center in a horse carriage. Carriages are stationed right next to the cathedral.

horse carriages near the cathedral

Once you set out from the cathedral and the palace and walk along the shore you get to La Lonja de los Mercaderes, one of the greatest examples of Ghotic architecture. La Lonja was a shopping center. Today, it is an exhibition hall.

There are also many parks, gardens and green. The so called torrentes (canals) are one of the most interesting features in the city. These artificial river creeks to collect water and lead its way. There are several rivers on Mallorca which often completely dry out in the summer. In winter, the creeks spill over because of high percipitation.  Torrente de Sa Riera runs through entire center of Palma. The surroundings of the canal is amazing. The canal is illuminated at night.


However, the city center is not only about cathedral and sights. If you like to feel the atmosphere and daily life in the streets then I recommend you leave the cathedral out to the very end of your sightseeing. For now, leave out Catedral and Placa de la Reina. Step off on Estació Intermodal stop. Don't surprised when the bus makes couple of quick stops after long ride after the city and then it rides down into the underground – this is the right place. Once you get out of the train terminal, you get onto the large Spanish square (Plaza de España) with King Jacob of Aragon equestrian statue. 

Plaza de España

The square undoubtedly is the heart of the city and the gateway into the city. Now you can can discover the city as it truly is. Don't worry though. that you get lost. The cathedral is so recognizable that you can get back there easily. Palma is a beautiful, clean city. You will surely enjoy your time there.

GPS: 39°34'02.5"N 2°38'55.5"E


Text: Táňa Vařachová

Photos: Táňa Vařachová, Wikimedia Commons: Taxiarchos228

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