Published: 10.7.2008
The town of Příbram is situated in Central Bohemia Region, in a distance of 60 kms from Prague. At present, Příbram has 35000 inhabitants approx. The place is known as historical town, with one of greatest mining museum in Czech Republic, the part of which is formed with vast Skansen.

Pribram, St.. AdalbertThe town is placed on slope of Brdy Hills. Its highest peak is 865 m high and it is to be found 10 kms from city centre. The average altitude is 502 m above sea level. Its total extention makes 33,41 square kilometres. Rivers of Litavka and Příbramský brook flow throughout city-centre, and here you can find several ponds, too. Water spaces take 37,7 ha, and it makes 1,1% of town´s space.

You can find a lot of heaps after mining around town, created with exploited soil. However, there was succeeded to cultivate of total heaps-quantity a small part only at present. First written notice about town-existence comes of 1216. At that time, Příbram was in possession of Episcopate and later of Pribram Mining MuseumArchbishopric. In 13th century, mining of silver  was started. In 1406, the town obtained its mining rights  from Archbishop Zbyněk Zajíc of Hazmburg. Since 1431, the town was in possession of Bohemian Kings, and finally, in 1579, it was declared as King´s Mining Town. The development of mining continued, there were created five deep mines near to Příbram and in community of Březové Hory.

In 1875, there was noticed in Vojtěch-Mine world record of 1000 m of mine-deep. However, in 1892 followed a tragedy, total burning out of Mariánská Mine, 319 miners lost their lives here at that time. Till 1920, Příbram  was classified to most modern mining grounds. Within 2nd World War, Příbram area with its environs, hid many Partisan groups. They liberated later, under command of Captain Olesenski, the town. Last shots of the 2nd World War were resound in near village of Slivice on 11th May Pribram, water park1945. One day later, the troops of German wehrmacht gave up here.

In 1950, the community of Březové Hory joined the town of Příbram. With time period of „building of socialism“ town-importance increased, especially thanks to uranium mining. This ore is being used as a fuel in nuclear power stations. At that time,. the mines became part of camps for forced works. Later, in perion 1980-1990, the importance of mining dropped, and big economic break began.

As to railway connection: the railway-line came to Příbram in 1875. At present, it has mainly industrial use. You can find here also a small airport, being Pribram, Holy Mountainused mainly fro sport-purposes. Near to city centre, there is situated Svatá Hora (Holy Hill) shrine. It is a church of Baroque style and a monastery, connected with town by unique covered staircase. In town, on Thomas Garrigue Masaryk Square, you can see St.Jacob Church of 1298, Town Hall and small castle named Ernestinum of 14th century. On Příbram´s cemetery, you can find, except of miners´tombs, statue monument dedicated to all who lost their lives within fire in Mariánská Mine.

Příbram´s mines inspired many poets and writers, such as Frank Kučera, Quido Maria Vyskočil, František Gellner of Jan Drda.


Text: Ondrej Bartak

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, ŠJů, č.2, Václav Bešťák, č.2, Honza Groh

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