River Litavka - Czech republic

spring (source):
The rivers sources in Brdy Hills in north direction of Rožmitál in an altitude of 765 m of sea level.
flow length:
54 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The navigability of Litavka river depends of snow-thaw and heavy rains in Brdy area.

So, it is navigable within floods ponly.  It can be judged according to water-index in Čenkov, where the minimum register is  35-45 cm according to the section- choice. The navigation is not difficult for experienced watermen but you have pay attention in front of  weirs, which are  perpendicular, high and mostly not passable. The lower flow is embanked and arranged, thanks to the construction of highway to Pilsen.

Litavka-river flows through forests to east and northeast, from příbram to the north and from Zdice to northeast up to Beroun, where mouths to Berounka from the right side. Its river basin  makes of the surface not exceeding 629 km2.  The river flows through inhabitated countryside among meadows and forests. The valley is open, near to Jince is a little narrow.  The river-bed is  gravelled with several rocky thresholds, wide from 6 to 12 m. Many weirs are not navigable and , owing to quick stream  also dangerous. As to tributaries: there are Červený potok (Red Brook) and Chumava.


We do not find many camping places here, anyway the suitable accommodation you find in Příbram, Zdice or Beroun.

Food supply:

It is available in places like Příbram, Jince, Lochovice, Libomyšl, Zdice, Králův Dvůr and Beroun.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Příbram, Jince, Zdice and Beroun.

Places of interest:


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