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It is advantageous to keep a couple of basic rules, in order not to be wounded and everything turned out well for your succesfull home-return. We are sure that nobody of us is planning some accident but in spite of all of this it occures, however. It is good to be ready for all occasions and overcome all situations with as small consequences as possible.

Here, we present you some advice for movement in the mountains, as follows:

  1. Would you find out the weather conditions for the area chosen, at Mountain´s Service (Horská služba), for instance. Calculate always with the worst variante as the weather in mountains is changing unbelievably quickly.
  2. Would you plan your route in advance and inform your friends. If you start from the mountain cottage, let here the contact with your name, the route and approximate date and hour of your arrival. Provided you change your route, let the other persons advise.
  3. Your mobil phone must be always fully charged, and hidden in waterproof box.
    Mobil phone safed the life many times.
  4. We recommend you to take always a small medicine-chest with. They are sold in
    Outdoor Shops and are furnished. Nevertheless, it is good to know how the subjects are to be used, otherwise it has no sense.
  5. We recommend you to take the map and a compass with, too. Would you use the map in the course of your way, not only in a moment when you loose your direction, so you find hardly the right direction in your map. The navigation system GPS can be applicated as well.
  6. Do not forget your refreshment – the drinking water, sweets or chocolate make wonders!
  7. Would you pay attention to your dressing – i.e. shoe-boots of good quality and dressing, preferably of functionning materials, such as Moira, Goretex, etc.
  8. When you reached the top, it is marvellous, but do not forget the fact, the worse you have ahead, and it is descending. At the end of an excursion you are often tired and various situations could be underestimated!


Boards under ski-binding
Published: 3.3.2008
On carving-ski, a binding-support there has to be fixed. It has several functions: increased pose extends possible angle of ski-inclination ( angularity) on descent route. Thanks to this support, we can reach required inclination without undesirable contact of boots with a slope leading to corner-upseting.

Travelimg to High Tatra with car on board
Published: 13.2.2008
Travelling by train with car on board brings modern, comfortable and popular way of travelling when together with passengers, the cars are transported in train at the same time. While you have asleep in coupe of sleeping-carriage, the train will transport you to Slovak mountains where you do not worry about the local snow conditions.

Big air
Published: 12.2.2008
Big air is one of young freeskiing disciplines. It is jumping (flipping) on big snow jump and execution of various tricks. Jump-tallness is stipulated by so called "table" – it is a level between rebound and fall.

Jibbing - ride on banisters
Published: 22.1.2008
This young disciple which came to the ski via snowboarding and skateboarding. Jibbing is in fact overcoming of various banisters (hand-rails), boxes of various forms, dimensions, heights and breakings.

Avalanche - white murderer
Published: 7.1.2008
The avalanche is the worst bugbear of skiers and mountain lovers. This concerns especially freeridists, so these persons who have an adventure character and the descend routes are not sufficient for them.

Published: 27.11.2007
It is difficult to say what else needs the freerider for fulfillment of his tasks. The aim is – to reach the hill and enjoy the drive downstairs in deep snow. We talk about the essential equipment , the other details must be cauught individually – i.e. what is needed and what is to be satisfied.


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