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CZ: To The Lipno Dam on Roller-Skates

Published: 18.9.2017
It is windy outside. Yet it is no problem for people who love sports. A shore in-line trail with lamp stands makes an infrastructure between two Southbohemian towns - Frymburk and Lipno nad Vltavou.

Arriving at the Lake

It is about an hour long car ride from Ceske Budejovice. You can park the car in specialy designated areas in Frymburk or you can leave your vehicle in Vresna and set off on roller-skates. The trail is rather steep from Vresna to Frymburk. Be sure to slow down appropriatelly. I ride through a small camp. Then I pass a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, and lastly I cross a dam and finally reach Frymburk.

in-line stezka spojuje Frymburk a Lipno nad Vltavou   in-line stezka má hladký asfalt

A Bike Trail along the Left Lake Shore

I ride on smooth asphalt road with road signs from Frymburk to Lipno nad Vltavou. This perfectly constructed in-line road is lined with lamp stands. The Lipno freeway is well known even in Austria. And Austrians seem very content with this exclusive opportunity to experience nighttime in-line skating along a dam in the Czech Republic.

hráz ve Frymburku

Frymburk Is Situated on the Foothills of the Sumava at 702 Meters

Frymburk is situated right on the reservoir peninsula dubbed the Czech Sea. Its colorful downtown makes the town the most beautiful town in Lipno region. Moreover, there is a sand beach and some outdoor activities.

One of Czechia's Most High-Quality In-Line Trails in the Czech Republic

The trail is splitted by a white line into two halves. The arrow suggest road direction. On your way you can water-ski or windsurfing. There is Modrin camp on the right side of the road. Here, only 400 meters separate you from Lipno nad Vltavou downtown.

na Lipně často fouká

Lipno nad Vltavou: A Logging Settlement in the 16th Century

The town is world-known thanks to its hand infrastructure, modern downtown and outdoor activities like a bikepark, a pumptrack, and a bobsleigh track. In addition to that, there is a leisury walk along which are over 100 anchored boats and sailling boats.

přístav v Lipně nad Vltavou

A Panorama of the South-Bohemian Sea

"Jezerni Stezka" (Lake Trail) from Frymburk to Lipto is 8 kilometers long. The asphalt is smooth. There are rest areas, benches, and you can take a swim anywhere. The in-line trail goes exactly along lake's shore. The most beautiful vistas here are at sundown or sunset. You can be sure that there are not so many in-line skaters at these times.

Frymburk s kostelem v centru   frymburský břeh

The Lipno Dam's climate is rather cold. It is windy all the time here. However, this is rather fortunate for windsurfers and kiteboarders. And what do in-line skaters? Don't underestimate local weather and take on some warm clothes. It is really windy here and you shouldn't underestimate it. Enjoy great asphalt road and see you there!

GPS: (Frymburk) 48°39'38.7"N 14°09'58.8"E


Text and photos: Šárka Vacková

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