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Egypt, Nuweiba – Walks on the Sinai Peninsula

Published: 9.4.2014
Nuweiba is located right on the Sinai Peninsula by the Bay of Aqaba. It is a hardly noticeable village flooded with sand. Despite its small size, it is a paradise where you will relax and chill out.

Nuweiba is one of the few places in the world that are not touched by man’s hand. A view of Nuweiba is really remarkable for, right across the see, you can see rocky shores of Saudi Arabia , on the leftyou can see the shore of Israel and Jordan. It is a strange and strong feeling when you imagine that you are like a part of such large worlds… Nuweiba is a connection between popular Egypt summer resorts like Sharm El Sheikh on the south of the Sinai Peninsula and Taba, north of the Sinai Peninsula.


Untouched Virgin Nature

Although Nuweiba is just a small stop on a way to other summer resorts, its surroundings just want to be admired. Those of you who like to travel along sand areas in Africa, will like it. Arrival at this sandy village will enchant you. There are monumental sand rocks surrounding you. Behind them are golden sun rays and a blue sky. You will not get enough of this beauty. For a while, you will feel as a part of a Bedouin company form a distant past… It is a very authentic experience because there no billboards on your left or right, or hypermarkets, public transportation, or people in hurry. Nothing, just peace and quiet. And euphoria that will grow in you as you look at this beauty. When the time suddenly stops and the rocks open their secrets, you will enjoy a panoramatic view at a small village on the shore known as Nuweiba. There is a crystal clear sea in front of you that reflects golden sun rays. For a while, you want to get on your camel closer and touch what you sea of this paradise.


Just sand and sun

In Nuweiba you will be hardly disappointed by usual city noise or too many tourists. Actually, wherever you go, it is quite there and you can see only the sea. The image of a “summer resort” finish several hotels..


Fun and experiences

You would hardly find disco night life there. If you go for a walk in the night, you will find just several souvenir shops in the village, several benches where some Arabs lively debate by a cup of hibiscus tea and water pipe. Sometimes you will find strange kitchens with home-made specialties luring tourists in. You will hardly not see passing by camels eating local plastic bottles… well, an alternative recyclation? No wonder, there are problems to store garbage in Egypt.


Text and photo: Daniela Durkáčová

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