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Do You Know That? Secret Military Object In Prague

Published: 20.11.2011
Probably few people think that during a Sunday walk in one of Prague's picturesque valleys you can found in the vicinity of one of the most secret military space ČR.

On the western border of the capital city of Prague between Barrandov and Hlubočepy, on the one hand and Butovickými estate on the other, lies a beautiful green area in the form of Prokop Valley. This piece of peace near the busy settlements, only about 15 minutes from Angel Station or Smíchov is a frequent destination for weekend walks and cycling. But few would suspect what is behind the massive iron gates and a high concrete fence that surrounds the entrance to the mysterious-looking space, falling under military administration.Archival materials and legends bear witness from the time when there was still one of the largest cave open space, with a length of more than 120 meters, he lived a secular priest, hermit Sv. Prokop (970-1053 AD). It was he who gave the name to the whole territory of today's natural reservation as well as pilgrimage churches, which was located above the cave of Prokop. The need for massive urban limestone building at the turn of 19 to 20 century, however, engulfed the entire site. The quarry is biting deep into the rock and memorable places acted suddenly disappear. Several deck mine works at the time of the Protectorate of German interests in the eye of imperial Wermacht and engineers and so there was an extension of tunnels underground space with impressive dimensions 200mm x 5m.

In a secret underground factory should be produced mainly aircraft engines Junkers. But Prokop rock got another hundred meters of corridors, habitats and areas that could not miss the interest of the Allied bomber forces. From the concerns of focus on the relatively well-covered targets, was demolished dilapidated church, the last relic of a somewhat quieter period picturesque valley. He even talks about that there should be in the further course of the war and positioned armoured train. This information is like any other kind shrouded in mystery and conjecture. After the war, the area of the former quarry, now also called K-116 unfinished and abandoned factories, but only to the moment before he began the active interest in the military - but this time the Czechoslovak folk, with the specific aim to set up a test range.

The building wasn´t that satisfied, so that mining and other excavation has a stronger secrecy lasted till the early 70s, specifically 1966, when the fracture work finally ends. With the emerging standardization and the growing influence of Soviet advisers Prokop Tunnel base is increasingly closed to the outside world. From that time also comes the most gossip, still quite funny for a few Hlubočepy denizens. The most real and also often mentioned is probably the fact remains that in the heavily guarded area was covertly formed a whole underground city, factory, hospital, and especially evacuation zone for the highest state officials in the event of an attack of the Republic. Boldest information even speaks about the connecting tunnel between Prague Castle and just Prokop base, but this remains shrouded in mystery.

After an extensive renovation in the late 80 years, the base should move the entire command of the western range of the Warsaw Pact, but whether this really was about the average person probably never know. In the event of a nuclear conflict here was to move the entire government, the Politburo and the leadership of the Ministry of National Defence. Probably the most realistic assumption about the rescue function of the whole area is just its unavailability and strategic importance in case of war. There should be called NZ - emergency supplies, hospitalization and decontamination facilities, a variety of military equipment, escape tunnels from the capital reserves of humanitarian needs, food and water for more than 1000 people. Today, K-116 building guarded by military police with the fact that the walls are connecting technology and reportedly also the whole crew intelligence services. Everything is guarded by camera system, razor wire and signs warning of a ban on photography. The system of caves is also allegedly connected to the nearby metro corridor B, or network of Prague collectors. It is not ruled out links to other nearby objects, the Interior Ministry and Army Republic in Prague 5 and adjacent parts of city.

Absolute confidentiality leaders and army agents demonstrates the range and the strategic importance of the military area, which more or less unnoticed passes every weekend hundreds or even thousands of day-trippers. And though the desire for knowledge is often unbearable, I desire you to the gates to the fortress K-116 rather never won´t be open, because then at some excursions too much time is left...   

text: Jan Chaloupka

photo: the author's archive, mapy.cz and contemporary engraving of F. B. Werner


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