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Costarica - A Switzerland Of Central America II.

Published: 2.10.2010
Costarica and history

In 1502, Christopher Columbus´ expedition landed at Costarica coast. Since 1513, the Spaniards started to participate, in active way, on massacre of local aborigine clans. They founded new communities, the first of them appeared not far from today´s province of Puntarenas. This colonization lasted nearly for fifty years as local population offered great resistance. Nevertheless, the Spaniards managed full control over conquested territory even in 1560, when the area was embodied into Guatemala. However, only 25000 Indians remained alive at that time period. New colonies started to be appeared inside such released areas. So, the town of Cartago was founded in 1563, and this seat served as a capital till 1823. Later, in 1821, Costarica became one of several American provinces, which declared the independence from Spain. Two years later, Costarica joined United Central American Provinces. However, this formation was dilapidated in 1838, and the country declared its sovereignty and independence.

Since 1842, till the end of 19th century, the country tossed about in a period of political inconstancy. During this time period, several revolutions or attempts for an interference with internal political activities, from part of United States, were effected. Some Presidents and governments were changed in the country, nevertheless, a sharp boom was made since 1950. The production of coffee (imported there from the beginning of the century) and bananas increased. Now, both plants and products form basic exporting articles of the country. Big companies, at the participation of foreign capital, were founded, which organized the production as well as the exportation of all products, mentioned above, and the profits from such activities were used for the construction of roads, railway nest and ports, and this fact led to the next development of business activities.

Further, the 20th century in history of Costarica was marked with many dramatical and controversy political events. It was, firast of all, the interests´ encounter of various parties and movements, change of several governments and regimes, on background of general unstable situation in Central America Region. As a consequence, the army was totally cancelled in 1949, and the money sources, which financed the army, were used for social programmes, health care and education.

As a result, Costarica became a Switzerland of Central America, maintaining its neutrality in its all regional conflicts. This fact brought the country towards different quality level, making comparison to its neighbouring states, regarding stability and favourable environment for the development and prosperity.

At present, Costarica belongs to one of world centres of tourist movement and activities. The unique nature as well as excellent services attract millions of tourists from all over the world. So, Costarica is visited by lovers of eco-tourism, sporting fishing, diving, in general, by all travellers, who are looking for new experience and relax of the highest quality level.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: RAUL ACB, Rodolfo Chavarria, Hotle La Condesa, Gerado Zumbado, Yamil Herrera A

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