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Cuba: Varadero - Cuba's Resort No. 1

Published: 24.3.2012
Caribbean, where you can see - that is Varadero, the biggest local resort. Despite the annual onslaught of tourists keeps the mood full of passionate Cuban dance, nice people and Caribbean comfort. But do not expect Relaxing holiday here - at the Varadero's Alive!

If you would arrive to Varadero 500 years ago, on the 20 km long beach you would find only fishermen huts and a small Spanish port. On the Peninsula, about 140 km from the capital Havana in Matanzas province in salt march produced salt from the sea at any moment a dolphin jumped on the horizon and sailed the Spanish ship.

Varadero 100 years ago: snobs resort

If you arrived at Varadero 100 years ago, you would be greeted quite a different picture. At the end of the 19th century, there began to grow first villas and the end of World War II began to spin the wheel of mass tourism. The Varadero has met the elite of North America and Europe, enjoying the deserted coves with white sand and tropical forest behind. Slowly but surely, there grew more and more hotels and casinos, from Varadero has become Las Vegas in the Caribbean.

Varadero today: opened till morning and 20 km of sand

When the Varadero head this way today, you will find here more than half of all hotels in Cuba, the international airport, dolphinarium, 18 of holes golf course, lots of restaurants, shops and bars. In addition to all tourist amenities but there still remained a good old Cuban base: 20 km long sandy beach, which even today is one of the most beautiful in the world.

The greatest treasure of Varadero is still perfect nature and beautiful azure sea. Among coral reefs here, "anchored" wrecks of ships or aircraft in a gentle ride to the lagoon dolphins and schools of colourful fish and the surrounding forests still live crocodiles and snakes. To know the real Cuba, you have to go a little beyond the zone of even the less expensive luxury hotels. Even so, Varadero is a great choice for your vacation in Cuba.

Author: Viola Kratochvílová and travel agency ESO travel

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