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Munich - Germany

Published: 27.6.2010
The town of Munich is situated near to the Alp Mountain Range, along Isar-river. The locality is the third biggest German town. At the same time, Munich is a capital of Bavaria Federal Country.


MunichCrown Prince of Bavaria promised really a lot when he declared, as follows: “I wish to create from Munich a town, which would be able to demonstrate an honour. Who would not have the chance to visit Munich, he would not be able to get acquaintance with Germany!“ Later, in 1825, when he started, as a King Louis I., the construction of King´s and Odeon Square, Louis Street, Old and New Picture Gallery, Commander Hall, Victory Gate, Glory Hall, and when his residence as well as several churches were re-built, he changed his words into acts. Except of this, he transferred in 1826 the University from Landshut to Munich, and caught to pay his attention for beautiful women at the same time.

Synagogue MunichToday´s Munich is gleaming, owing to shining cupolas, as it is affirmed with predilection. Nevertheless, this glitter is not only a work of King Louis. Just since 17th century, this town was established, by means of Wittelsbach Parentage, as a place full of Baroque culture. Thanks to art of excellent building masters, Nymphenburg Chateau became a local Baroque wonder, and St. Paul´s Church was built as an expression of thanks for birth of Crown Prince. All building masters were very efficient, so they brought there their master-pieces of Roccoco style. So, Munich is at present, with its St. John Nepomuk and St. Anne Churches (including ancesters´gallery), Rich Room (Reiche Zimmer) and Amalienburg, incotestable jewel and a documents of Rococco style building art. Cuvillies Theatre is really golden-red gem, shining with its old lustre again.

Present time

The crossing tower of St. Paul in MunichMunich is a German town, where more singles (not married) persons are living. Local beer gardens are so big that even small town would be placed there. Joy of the life belongs also to main signs of this town, and the entertainment is its highest target. Nevertheless, main share on town´s attractivity, it also has favourable position along Isar-river, which flows throughout famous English garden of 19th century. The garden has 373 ha extent and belongs to the greatest park areas of the world. The garden offers to Munich citizens various possibilities for spending their leasure time. Except sporting activities, you can also admire small buildings, such as Monopteros Sun Church, Chinese Tower or Japanese Tea Pavillon.

To typical Munich signs belongs also so called Food Market. You have there excellent shopping possibilities as in whichever Italian Market. Schwabing quarter is an Hofbräuhaus, Municharea, ideal for artists´ meeting in past. So, this attractive quarter draws, with its small shops and pubs, not only students, but also majestically looking sorts of citizens. So, in Bavaria Federal capital, you can find all essential places of interest close to each other, It could be very pleasant to walk through ancient city centre, passing Town Hall of Neo-Gothic style. admire St. Virgin Mary Church with two, 99 metres high towers, and let to be dazzled with its late Gothic beauty. From Mary Square (Marienplatz) it is not far to St. Paul Church and Hofgarten.

Munich streets are really wonderfull, and expecially Maxmillian Avenue is runing out among all streets. You can find at least fifty museums in the town. It is really worth to visit Old Picture Victory Gate, MunichGallery, presenting painters´ as well as sculptors´ works of 18th and 19th centuries. Even theatre lovers will not be disappointed as in Munich, there are to be found more scenes as an any other German town. Last, but not least, it is necessary to mention local Bavarian kitchen. This branch is keeping a position on very high level. Despite the fact that Italian kitchen is also very popular there, so beer garden is a real home of all Munich citizens. You are sitting at simple tables in shade of trees, enjoying your glass of beer, observing your neighbourhood. In some beer gardens, there is allowed to bring your sandwitches with. This custom has long-term tradition in Munich. Anyway, the tradition is an inexorable law of Bavarian capital. In any case, there are still existing the tailors, who are able to manufacter for you leather trousers, presenting local national costume. You can find here court brewery, any many costume parades are taken place there, including performance of wind-instruments. And finally, the whole world is arriving to Munich in autumn, in order to celebrate very popular Beer October Festival.

Panorama Munich

Text: Denisa Arvajová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Gryffindor, č 2, č.3, Biso, X, Andreasdziewior, Heav84 

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