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Ukraine, Lviv – Tastes, Aromas, Tones of Wester Ukraine – VIDEO

Published: 24.12.2019
Last week we looked at the sights and the historic city center. However, Lviv also travels to culture, food and a busy nightlife. Let's at least part of it “taste”.

The very first thing that inspired me in Lviv was street musicians. Singers with guitar, great violinist, couple of conservatory students, string band with catchy arrangements of currently popular songs, old bluesman and band of local rappers. Almost every street in the center was full of music, so I like it.

Gastronomy lovers will also be pleased, the best restaurants are mainly Armenian and, to a lesser extent, Georgian, thanks to strong minorities. But definitely try the traditional dishes of Western Ukraine and do not be afraid to go to the "ordinary" canteens, where the locals go.

místní sedávají na zahrádkách   na jídle si pochutnáte

Beers should definitely not miss the renowned restaurant Pravda Beer Theater, where you can taste a lot of local beers in a unique atmosphere.

But Lviv offers a very rich and varied cultural life. From small jazz clubs like Libraria to galleries, theaters and museums to big festivals in the streets. For example, the Lviv National Museum of Art exhibits around 50,000 paintings, sculptures and prints from all over Europe, making it the largest gallery in Ukraine.

jazzový bar Libraria   jazzový bar Libraria

In the opera house you can see both traditional Ukrainian operas and ballet as well as classical works from all over Europe in very high quality and often in their original language.


However, the Museum of Pharmacy in “Pid Chorny Orlom”, the oldest pharmacy in the town from 1735, is also worth a visit.

Lvov je plný streetartu   u Ruské ulice

The last thing I invite you to is the local coffee culture. The locals love coffee and sitting with friends, traditional and modern “hipster” cafes can be found every corner. Have a cup or two and allow yourself to watch life outside the windows for a while. Lviv will not disappoint you.

GPS: 49°50'39.7"N 24°01'34.0"E


Text, foto a video: Matouš Vinš

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