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SK, Slovakian PAradise – Kláštorská Gorge

Published: 20.10.2019
We recently had a nice hiking tour in the Slovak Paradise National Park and now you come with us. The starting point is the Podlesok recreation area, from where you will follow the blue-marked hiking trail to the Hrdlo Hornád crossroads.

After approximately 20 minutes of easy walking, during which you will pass several fast food, accommodation facilities or the overgrown monument of Marián Slabaš, you will reach the above mentioned crossroad (the mouth of the Great White Water). From here you will join the Průlom Hornádu Nature Trail, which is part of the National Nature Reserve.

Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj   Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj (Mníchova jeskyně)

Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj

Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj   Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj

Before you know it the journey begins to take on adventure. The first risers in the rock wall, a little further chains, log cabin, small cave (Mníchová), wooden bridges, etc. Gradually you go to the other side of the Hornád and after less than an hour walk slowly to the mouth of the monastery gorge.

Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj (lanový most)

Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj (lanový most)   Průlom Hornádu, Slovenský ráj

You have two options to choose from. You can either follow the unique rope bridge and complete the passage of the Hornád Breakthrough, or choose to climb the Monastery Gorge. We climbed a breathtaking gorge created by a stream that springs below Kláštorisko and flows directly into Hornád. The gorge was opened to tourists in 1960.

Kláštorská roklina, Slovenský ráj

Kláštorská roklina, Slovenský ráj Kláštorská roklina, Slovenský ráj

Although the gorge is relatively short, it offers many steep sections. Gradually you climb ladders and walk around beautiful waterfalls. First you pass the Waterfall of the Discoverers, then the waterfall of Anton Straka (author of the tourist guide to Eastern Slovakia published in 1920), after a while the biggest Rainbow waterfall and the cascade of Gustáv Nedobrý (mountaineer and tourist). The ascent continues past the Small and Moss Waterfall and ends with the Carthusian Waterfall, from where the trail connects to a wider path leading to the Kláštorisko cabin, respectively. to the ruins of the Carthusian monastery. The whole tourist route Kláštorská roklina is one-way, lasts approximately 50 minutes and is marked in green.

Kláštorská roklina, Slovenský ráj

You can return to Podleská either by the yellow trail from the monastery or by the green trail. However, we took advantage of the bike rental and enjoyed the pleasant mountain descent along the marked cycle path.

Kláštorisko, Slovenský ráj

Kláštorisko, Slovenský ráj (půjčovna kol)   Kláštorisko, Slovenský ráj (cyklotrasa)

A hiking tour with the aim of conquering the Monastery Gorge is moderately challenging, you can overcome an elevation of just over 230 meters, but at the same time we add that it is charming. If you like nature and do some sports, plan your trip.

GPS: 48°57'51.1"N 20°23'08.9"E (Podlesok)

GPS:  48°57'10.3"N 20°25'22.8"E (Kláštorská Gorge section)


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: HIK, o.z.   

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