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Zoner Photo Studio: How to Find a Photo without Endless Folder Browsing

Published: 2.11.2015
The winter season means less opportunities to make a good photo even though there are plenty things to capture. However, the one important thing is lacking – the light. Therefore, the winter season is good for organize your summer of autumn photos and pick only the best.

In case you are someone who likes to make photos but you don’t like post-processing them on your computer then don’t worry. You should give a try to the Czech application Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS). Organizing and adjusting photos has never been so much fun.

Zoner Photo Studio

Delete everything that’s not good

Leaving bad pictures in your photo archive is not the best solution. You can argue by saying that they represent memories. On the other hand, what if you were to present somebody nice photos from your last vacation. Would you really screen all 386 shots you made?

Be merciless and delete all blurry, too dark or too bright photos. Do not archive photos you captured unintentionally. You probably do not even know what they show.

There are some tools to separate poor photos such as color markings, star ranking and keywords. The latter allow you to find all your photos with your grandma or mountains. True enthusiasts would appreciate the possibility to add GPS coordinates, or display pictures on map.

information on a picturerating

Add photos to a catalogcatalog

The Zoner Photo Studio catalog is a quick way to search and work with your photos. It searches the title of a file in a folder and also its location, keywords, description, and other metadata. Thus, you can filter shots made by a particular camera or all that have five stars (i.e. only the best).

Make a collection of the best shots

Zoner Photo Studio offers a variety of ranking tools. These help you to choose only the photos you want to keep. For instance, use different colors to mark pictures you want to adjust or keep. In case you are not sure about some particular photo give it a different color and return to it later.

Also, you can use stars to distinguish quality of your photos. Do not overuse them and even if only one picture from the whole album would get five stars so be it. Eventually, you wouldn’t need to search through your whole archive to print the best shots.

searchingarrange by


Even though only people who are fans of organizing use keywords in their photos, it takes you only a moment with Zoner Photo Studio. Create a basic set of keywords which will come in hand later.

ZPS offers several keyword groups – action, people, themes. You can, however, make your own keyword group and gradually add new words or delete them. To add a keyword to particular photo you just drag it with your pointer over it. Or you can fill it simply by typing it.

keyword mountainskeywords

GPS and geographical location

Many cameras or cell phones have an option to add location exact location to your photo. Mostly it is only in form of GPS coordinates yet at least you can see where to you made your trip and where you captured your pictures. Moreover, when you use the function add location the exact location is added to your shot. When you would search pictures made at Snezka then you just type the word into the search bar.

the map mode

In case your camera is not that smart, you can put location data into your photos by yourselves. Just find the right place on the map and draw your pictures there.

Try Zoner Photo Studio for 30 days for free . You will have your photos perfectly tagged and organized. Next time you try to find the best picture of your cat or greatest photos from your vacation it will take you only seconds to find it.


Text and photo: Zoner Photo Studio

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