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CZ and SK, White Carpathian Mountains – Velky Lopenik and an Observation Tower on the Summit - VIDEO

Published: 16.12.2014
A tourist trip we undertake together today takes us on the highest mountain of the White Carpathian Mountains.

Despite we start our hike in Slovakia yet our goal of the day is a observation tower in the Czech Republic. It is the tower on Velky Lopenik (911 m). It is built of stone, concrete, and wood. The tower was completed in 2005 becoming one of the first observation tower symbolizing Czech-Slovak friendship.

turistická vycházka v Bílých Karpatech na Velký Lopeník

The tradition of meeting on the border that connects, not otherwise, originates near Velka Javorina (the highest mountain in the White Carpathian Mountains, 970 m). Lets get back to Velky Lopenik. A distinct peak and the third highest peak of the White Carpathians.

Observation Tower on Velky Lopenik

Once a triangular geodesist station. The foundation stone of the observation tower is about 5 meters off the state border. It was laid in 2002. Three years later, the observation platform on the tower was made accessible to the public. Towns in Moravia with the help of crowdfunding were behind the financial support for the construction. However, Slovak towns also helped. Even in this sense one may see international solidarity.

Rozhledna na Velkém Lopeníku

Close to the tower there is a tourist shed. Near is a memorial dedicated to fallen Soviet soldiers. They died in the area during liberation in the second world war.

Turistický výlet na rozhlednu na Velkém LopeníkuTuristický výlet na rozhlednu na Velkém Lopeníku

Similarly to Velka Javorina, there are also annual summer Czech-Slovak brotherhood ceremonies .

Access from Slovakia

The observation tower is within the area of Lopenik, Uherske Hradiste district, the region of Zlin, Czech Republic. It is very close to Slovakia. If you decide to go there from Slovakia a good starting point might be a bust stop in the town of Nova Bosaca. Here one have to take the blue tourist path. It will take two hours to take you to the observation tower. The track goes up through the town of Grun, goes around a memorial of fallen Soviet soldiers. Eventually it will guide you to the 22-meter observation tower. Should you seek to admire beautiful panoramatic view to the land you have to climb 101 stairs more. Then you will see Uhersky Brod, Kykla, the peaks of the Male Fatry, Machnac, and towns and cities like Trencin and Nove Mesto nad Vahom, or Velka Javorina, Kvetna, Strani, Brezova, and Bojkovice. Everything would be beautifully visible.

turistická vycházka na rozhlednu na Velkém Lopeníkuturistická vycházka na rozhlednu na Velkém Lopeníku

Text: O. Maňáková

Photo and video: Jozef Dovičin

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