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Javorníky: Mountain Hotel Portáš - Romance In The Middle Of The Mountains

Published: 15.6.2012
Last weekend in May we went to an extremely attractive tourist locality situated in between the Czech and Slovak Republic - in the mountains Javorníky. Our destination for a few nights was Portáš, cosy mountain hotel.

Because we knew it only from friends, we took some tourist maps of the area and a couple of days before departure, began to plan what to visit, what hiking trails to walk and we dreamed about how to not only overcome with tours, but also release from duties, we will relax in the hotel sauna. Even we did not know how, and there was D-day, finally!

Czechs and Slovaks enjoy a caterpillar track

Before lunch, we went from Bratislava. Our route led up to the highway Púchov. Here we took the road leading through the village Městečko to the village of Lúky, where we turned toward the Lazy pod Makytou. From there it was no problem to find it, because Portáš Mountain hotel is located in the uptake of tourist and ski area Kohútka - Portáš, on which side of the road to alert notice boards. The path started more and more meander and climb was still noticeable. After a few turns I began to open the window and tried to inhale the fresh mountain air. But fortunately it did not last long.

Even if you decide to come here from the Czech side won´t mind the steep climbs and turns. The way to the saddle under Kohútka leads from Vsetín towards Nový Hrozenkov where you need to turn right into the valley Vranča. At the end of the valley is a car park, where you turn on a new path leading up to the parking lot in the saddle under Kohútka. The last line of road is during the winter season clearance only one traffic direction, according to the schedule. During the rest of year the cars goes both ways here, but the ride should be very careful. The path is not only steep and winding, but also narrow and except cars it uses a lot of cyclists and or even pedestrians tourists.

 parkoviště u Kohútka1.SLOVENSKO-ČESKÉ INFOCENTRUM - KOHÚTKAv zimním  období řídí dopravu z české strany semafor

Hotel on the border of two states

From the large car park, where on the border in a log building located in the first Slovakia - Czech information centre Kohútka, to the hotel Portáš is just few steps. After about ten minutes walk we saw him. Not only comfortable, but also to look extremely attractive mountain hotel Portáš, whose wooden architecture fits beautifully into the natural environment, is located directly on the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More precisely, a path leading from the hotel is basically a border between the Czech and Slovak Republic, and it is interesting to observe, how father tired from day tours is sitting on the terrace of the hotel and drinking their well-deserved beer and their children are in other state. They are well supervised by mothers because play in children's playground, that is on the Slovak side of the border. The smallest members of the family are not tired of course, because most tours sat on the shoulders of parents in a child seat or on their bikes.

Horský hotel Portáš

                  terasa Horského hotelu Portášdětské hřiště u Horského hotelu Portáš

We checked – in the hotel bar, a smiling waitress took us to our room where we dropped packs and map in hand we went to the terrace. We also had one big dewy beer. With a very friendly and helpful hotel staff, we agreed to dinner time. Since we wanted to take advantage of our first full day, we went to at least explore the surroundings. It's really beautiful. The weather was favourable, so we opened the beautiful views. Even the dinner did not disappoint us, just the opposite. It was excellent, and dessert, which was a part, formed the only kind of icing on the cake. After dinner, we still play table football and quite soon fell into bed, because the second day we had planned mid-level ridge hike from Portáš to the Velký Javornik (1071 m asl) and back.

Javorníky jsou prostě nádherné
We can´t forget how hotel services were more than satisfied, accommodation was very comfortable, staff helpful and moreover still smiling. In addition to the sauna, which of course we tried, during the warm summer days here you can use the outdoor pool and playground for tennis and other ball games. Portáš mountain hotel situated in the heart of beautiful countryside, is simply an ideal place to spend your holiday.

Soon you can read about well ridge hike from the hotel Portáš, cross Malý Javornik, around the monument and the view point on Stracenec hill, to the highest peak Javorníky – to Velký Javornik.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková


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