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CZ - Ovčáry - Swimmers' Paradise - VIDEO

Published: 4.1.2011
The life exists, where the water springs. This proverb was valid hundred years ago but it is actual even now, despite the fact that it could be taken for different importance at present. In past, the houses and villages were situated along water sources, in order sufficient quantity of liquids could be secured for the people.

At present, on the other hand, the water sources are available in any supermarket and it is no problem for everybody. Nevertheless, such element is always quite attractive for us. When some place is quiet, the sun is shining there for six months at least and the waves splash, it would be obvious that this locality becomes interesting for many people. And just Ovčáry Lake is no exception in such case.

A Carpet Made from Sand and Cones

The locality of Ovčáry is situated on cadastre territory of  Křenek village, not far from Stará Boleslav. Anyway, nobody says: „Let´s go to Křenek!“, but always: „Let´s have a bath in Ovčáry!“. Frankly speaking, all enthusiasts and lovers of water go there every day!  It is really very characteristic natural bathing-place, situated near Prague. All water surfaces are surrounded with sandy beaches, with the neighbourhood of high trees, offering to all not only pleasant shadow, but also uncredible cutting and individual carpet of cones. Nevertheless, you can remove it relatively easily. Ovčáry is accessible and open for everybody. You have the chance to cool off your feet, paws or hoofs (this operation could be permitteed for your dogs, cats or any other house animals). And, moreover, you can add to such activity wide offer of beer, soft drinks or some sandwiches, sausages abd other refreshment, you can be sure, that you meet there in summer crowds of person, including big entertainment at the same time.

The Ducks on the Throne

On the other hand, you can visit Ovčáry even during time period when the weather is unsettled and no bathing possibilities are available. The walks inside forests are marvellous, desert beaches and all requisites remind summer activities, such as. deserted tables with banks or plates, temptating to taste cold soft drinks, hot-dog or coffee and grog, acting as silent witness of passed time. But, this period will return again!  At present, it could be very amiable to offer your face against blowing wind and follow the ducks. They enjoy a bit of their well-deserved peace. You cannot disturb them in any case, as the ducks look rather exposed.

Fishermen Paradise

If somebody would prefer to return into past, he would be informed that Ovčáry was former sand quarry. This locality is situated just on place of former hill „Na Homolce“. To tell the truth, this hill does not exist there any more. Through sand excavation the hill was smaller and smaller as finally, the point disappeared completely. The water which was accumulated in the hollow, was used for fields´ irrigation in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, somebody got beneficial idea  that such locality could be suitable relax resort. So, the camping was built in the neighbourhood. Now, the place is visited not only by lovers of water plays but also by fishermen. The second one can effect, by means of their own hands or fishing rods, the treasures, such as: amurs, carps, pike-perches, perches, pikes, sheatfish, eelpouts, etc.

The Water and The Life

It is obvious that the life exists in Ovčáry. The water is a reason for such fact. But, except of this, you can applicate quite simple rule: „There is a busy life in Ovčáry, as it is lovely there-simply to say!“

Text/foto/video: Zuzana Dastychová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš



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