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Karlovy Vary, Spa Resort Sanssouci – The Recipe for Longevity and Peaceful Life

Published: 7.1.2016
Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary offers top standard of its spa, accommodation, and other services. The most popular service is a comprehensive spa treatment. It consists mostly of application of wholesome thermal water from Karlovy Vary. This water is drained to Spa Resort Sassouci and Mercedes Balneocenter. You could assume this should be something natural in the famous spa region. However, not every hotel that offers spa services has water drained from the Vridlo thermal spring as well.

Spa Resort Sanssouci – Atrium – Lobby Bar Spa Resort Sanssouci – Blues Café

Visit Spa at Any Age

Have you ever been to a spa? You say you still have enough time? You don’t. Trust us. Comprehensive spa and wellness care in Karlovy Vary as offered at Spa Resort Sanssouci focuses on many of so called civilizational diseases which affect mostly people at any age who are frequently overworked. These are diabetes, obesity, or diseases of the digestive tract, nervous system, or kinetic apparatus; including the total fatigue of an organism. No sooner than 14 days after 18 procedures a week (using mostly local natural resources, the most important being the drinking cure). A medical doctor has the final word regarding the length of a stay.

Spa Resort Sanssouci – Villa Mercedes – pool

Medical Wellness

At Spa Resort Sanssouci, today you can use a special offer of Medical Wellness stays. These are intended as preventive and for relax. The Antistress program starts a change of lifestyle – full board, special drinking regime, and ten procedure to immediately alleviate and settle your organism. To “clean” an overburdened body and mind the Detox program would be an ideal solution. It includes five days during which you would have an individual dietary plan and experience 10 procedures. This sparks new life energy in you and help you with your weight, quality of skin, hair and nails. Reward yourselves with five great, healthy days!

mineral bath  PTE – group exercises

Wellness Stays

Three- to five-day stays will help you to get back your bodily and spiritual harmony. Such stays start your locomotor system, drinking and dietary regimes. A traditional spa and an aromatic massage make the true relax. You can choose from couple of spa packages at the modern and renovated Spa Resort Sanssouci. Among these are the 3-day Romance for two, the 4-day long Wellness for ladies or gentlemen, 5-day Regeneration program, the Energy stay.

Oxygenotherapy Spa Resort Sanssouci – Restaurant Melody  Kleopatra, a harmonizing bath

The right lifestyle, rest, and professional care are what buttress longevity and makes your spirit calm. A spa is the place you can start changing your life. You don’t believe us? Then the thing you can do is to come and see professionals at Spa Resort Sanssouci and how they can start your new habits and will.

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Text and photo: Spa Resort Sanssouci

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