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Germany, Bad Füssing – Thermal Spa near Ceske Budejovice III

Published: 14.12.2015
We set off early in the morning with a long way ahead of us. We are looking forward to a lake cruise. In 1873 the first steam boat Emperor Franz Joseph I had set sails on the lake and cruises have been made there ever since. The steam boat was a technical marvel the then. It is 33 meters long and also was used as a propriety in couple of movies because it allegedly looks romantic. You can also take a ride by this boat as it is still part of the fleet.

Österreich“ is the largest boat to cruise the lake. 365 passengers can fill on its deck. You can choose from 6 boats of different sizes and styles. Taking a cruise is especially great when it’s sunny.

Saint Wolfgang

Saint Wolfgang Wolfgangsee

Fortunately, weather was great. Therefore, we had this great opportunity to take a ride by the steepest rack railway in Austria. It goes all the way up to 1783 meters (the highest summit around – Schafberg mountain. The railway has been in operation since 1893. It departs from the town of St Wolfgang. We overcame 1190 meters of elevation and covered 5.85 kilometers. The ride itself is really nice. Moreover, you can enjoy observing the historical steam locomotive, one of the oldest in the world which is still in operation. The mountain is considered as having the most beautiful view in this area of the world-famous Salzkammergut resort. No wonder because on a day such as we experienced you can enjoy 360° view opening to you Wolfgangsee, Fuschlsee Mondsee, Irrsee, and you can even see down to Chiemsee. Another splendid view is of Höllengebirge, Dachstein, or Watzmann. You can eat at some restaurant on the top of Schafberg and then while drinking a cup of excellent coffee enjoying beautiful surroundings.

výhled z hory Schafberg

 rack railway locomotive Schafberg – panorama

We were heading back into our apartment. The time we had left was getting shorter. We had the last day of spa ahead of us. Then we would return to the Czech Republic but on our way we would stop in -Linz, another interesting city.


Přijíždíme do města, které se rozprostírá přímo na březích Dunaje. The name originates in the Celtic and Roman eras. Then it was called „Lentos“ or „Lentia“ which means “water streaming” because this is very typical for the city. I am sure everybody knows the most important route which also went through the city in 1832 – a horsecar route from Gmunden, through Wels, and Linec up to Ceske Budejovice. It was the first railroad on the European continent which connected the Danube and the Vltava making Linz an important route.

The river as well as Alter Dom or St Mary Cathedral are all symbols of the city. Hauptplatz is another spot worth a visit as it is the largest square on the Danube. The main sight of the square is the Holy Trinity column built in 1717 and Alten Rathaus town hall.

Linec – Alter Dom

I don’t do anything big in this quiet week. My walk in the city concluded when I visited Linzer Schloss. You can have a lunch there in a nice restaurant while enjoying the view of the city. Also there is a museum. A mixed beverage is the perfect conclusion to the perfect trip. Well, not entirely the conclusion because Christmas is knocking on the door. Therefore, I have to mention another thing which made the town famous – the Linzer torte. The very first recipe of this type of pastry comes from 1653. It makes it the oldest cake recipe in the world. Linzer dough is very popular in central Europe. Linzer Christmas pastry always brings joy to many.

But this really was the last memory of the town. We return home and so we can make plans for another trip. I will be glad if you joined me.

GPS: (Linec) 48°18'21.1"N 14°17'12.7"E

Text and photo: Magdaléna Radostová

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