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Kenya: Wild Safari And Beautiful Beaches

Published: 3.3.2012
On the east coast of equatorial Africa lies wild Kenya, beautiful country with wildlife. Although most people are poor farmers there you can also find a luxurious beach resort with excellent facilities on untouched beaches of the sky blue ocean.

The most common visitors here are wealthy adventurers on an African safari right into one of 35 national parks. With a wealth of magical underwater world with coral reefs, but Kenya is a popular relaxation destination for families with children.

From deserts to forests and snow mountains

The local climate shapes the monsoons, which alternates with periods of rain and drought. To Kenya go when there it is not so hot, when it is dry and when the trees have not as many leaves. The combination of all these conditions will not only ensure a good view of wildlife, but also good protection against malaria. High season here is during our winter, but you can go here to be in July when the temperatures here are lower.

The beauty of Kenya lies in its diversity. In the north you will find the desert, south and at higher altitudes, the savannas, steppes, lakes and forests. On the coast, next to unspoiled beaches with no people can be making way through the thick forests and on the top of Mount Kenya you can find the even the snow. Right treasures then are hidden of coral reefs along the coast, which are on the north of country, could be explored with dry feet when the low tide is.

People live in Kenya for more than 2 million years

The most beautiful natural treasures of Kenya, such as Lake Turkana and Mount Kenya, are protected by UNESCO. At the same time, there you will also find a very old town of Lamu and Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests with fortified villages of traditional Mijikenda tribe. History is extremely rich in Kenya. As in neighboring Ethiopia, also here were found the skeletal remains of Homo habilis and Homo erectus more than two million years old.

After the safari to an empty coral beaches

To Kenya go on a sightseeing tour either on safari or explore the history, but it can combine with first-class relaxation in the local resorts on the coast. The best resorts of northern Kenya are Bamburi or Kikambala, families with children it is usually set off to the town of Malindi, where it is probably the calmest. On the southern coast you will find the famous Diani beach with luxury hotels and sky-high prices.

Author: Viola Kratochvílová and ESO travel

What is your ideal vacation in Kenya? Are you attracted more in African safari or its beautiful beaches?


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