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The Philippines, Bohol – The Best from The Island

Published: 12.9.2020
When they say the Philippines, most are reminiscent of paradise beaches lined with coconut groves. But Bohol Island is a perfect example of how the country offers more than just beaches. Here you will find lush green forests, symmetrical hills, the smallest primates in the world and incredible underwater life.

Chocolate Mountains, Island's Greatest Attraction

Can you imagine 1,700 symmetrical hills next to each other? With the same shape, color and size? Unbelievable, isn't it? But it is true! Chocolate mountains can be found in the heart of Bohol Island. Why chocolate? During the dry season, the green grass in the hills turns brown to a chocolate color, which is why they are called chocolate mountains. How simple. It is a place that I definitely recommend to look at and the top alternative is a trip on a motorcycle. If you do not dare to ride a motorcycle, you can only go on a one-day organized trip, which can be purchased at almost any hotel. When you get to the lookout and see these chocolate hills from above, you will understand what makes this hilly chocolate miracle so unique. You will have plenty of time and space to explore the area of hills and hills. Ride through hilly terrain on small muddy paths or visit one of several cockfights that come your way.

Čokoládové hory

kohoutí aréna

Find World's Smallest Primate

In the middle of this unique island nature, one cute animal spends all day sleeping in the trees. When you see him, you'd like to stroke him and get close to him, but don't do it! Tarsier, the Philippine tarsier in Czech, is one of the smallest primates in the world, smaller than a human hand. They are really shy animals with night habits and spend most of the day sleeping in hidden places. Tarsier is a shy monkey who is stressed by any touch, noise and any camera flash. It is because of high stress that they can subsequently die. Tarsier monkeys live in the wild and you can see them visiting their temporary home at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, where you will also find information about this strange and cute animal. You will go into nature accompanied by an originator who knows the territories of these little monkeys with wide eyes.


Explore Mahogany Forest and Other Parts of the Island

If you plan to visit the chocolate mountains, then don't forget to stop by the mahogany forest. It is a forest planted by people near the village of Loboc. But that is not all! Experience the extraordinary swimming in the clear water of the Philippine Cenotes. If you have time, go for a swim in the flooded hole of karst origin in the Cabagnow Cave, located in the eastern part of the island. Did you come to the island to rest? Then your trips will most likely head to the island of Panglao, where you will find the most beautiful beach on the island, Alona beach.

západ slunce   jeskyně Cabagnow

mahagonový les

GPS: 9°57'29.0"N 124°10'47.4"E

Text and photos: Andrea Meluzínová

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