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Autumn Is Here. Be Sure That You Have The Right Tourist Gear

Published: 27.9.2020
This autumn is perfect for tourism. Discover it with family or friends and enjoy autumn nights in the open air. With the right equipment, such as comfortable and functional clothing, sturdy shoes and a quality sports backpack, unforgettable experiences await you.

sportovní batohy

When Do You Need Quality Equipment?

Not every tourist trip requires special equipment. For a one-day march with regular stops at refreshment stalls, you will be pleased with ordinary sportswear and shoes. But if you are planning a several-day hike and you plan to spend the night in nature, then it is time for quality outdoor clothing and a sports backpack. What should such equipment look like?


Tourist Clothes Will Keep You Dry and Warm

During the autumn days, you will certainly appreciate the functional hiking clothing, which is breathable and effectively wicks sweat away from the surface of the body. However, you should not be fooled by the still relatively high daily temperatures. Expect the temperature to drop a few degrees Celsius in the evening, then softshell clothing will come in handy. It will keep you warm and protect you from any rain or strong wind.


Quality Outdoor Shoes Prevent Injuries

If you are serious about hiking, do not be afraid to invest in quality outdoor footwear. In addition to the material, which should be mechanical, durable, breathable and at the same time waterproof, also focus on choosing the appropriate size. Too tight a shoe will lead to abrasions and blisters, while a shoe in which your foot will "swim" does not provide sufficient reinforcement and increases the risk of ankle slipping. Other injuries are also effectively prevented by a rough sole, which provides the foot with the necessary stability on uneven or slippery surfaces.


Sports Backpack Easing Your Back

For several-day hikes, you will need a sports backpack with a volume of 30-50 liters. It can comfortably fit all necessities, such as spare clothes and shoes as well as plenty of food and drink. If you are going to spend the night in the open air, there is also space in the backpack for a sleeping bag. To ensure that your hiking trip does not suffer, make sure the backpack has a sophisticated back system, equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and a lumbar belt. Functional ventilation is a must, thanks to which your backpack will not stick to your back on hot days.


The design of the backpack also plays an important role. The two-compartment backpacks have the interior divided into upper and lower storage space with separate access, which will save you time when looking for a snack or a spare T-shirt. For sports backpacks, of course, the number of outer pockets is appreciated, as well as various handles and loops for all your equipment. The imaginary icing on the cake is an integrated raincoat, a compartment for a hydrobag or reflective elements.


How to orientate in the wide range of sports backpacks? Bet on Heureka.cz, Slovak customers can choose sports backpacks on Heureka.sk. All backpacks can be found in one place. Reviews and ratings of verified users will also help you with the final decision.


Zdroj and photos: PR, Pixabay.com

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