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Germany, Wolkenstein Switzerland – Ferrates for Beginning and Experienced Climbers

Published: 7.9.2022
No one was born all-knowing. One has to try ferrates before knows their secrets. Where to find them? Near Czech-German borderline. There are ferrates of three difficulties and you can train there all day long without being disturbed by crowds of other ferrate fans.

Secured trails of the A, B, and E types are situated on teh German side of the  Ore Mountains. A 30 minute car ride from Chomutov to Wolkenstain has many interesting stops to make a break even in a week after work. The road's designation is R7. Head towards Chemnitz after the town of Hora Svateho Sebestiana situated near the borders where random ID cards controls take place.

Chemnitz – town hall

Don't exceed the speed limit as there are several radars with cameras. Turn left at Zschopau. Then continue to the the town of Wolkenstein of 4000 at the altitude of 553 meters. There is a green marking showing you way to Flossplatz car park - your destination.

You can park your car on a small area in forest. Despite there are no directions toward the ferrate rock don't worry and rely on your instinct. Follow a beaten trail slowly ascending. Several meters on, there is the Wolkenstein Switzerland in its glory.

Wolkensteinské Švýcarsko

Artist, Gratweg, and Yeti ferrates. Three amazing overhangs of A, B, and E attributes. Trees create comfortable shadow. Forest smells after blueberries.

Beginners can appreciate the Artist via ferrate. There is a 25-meter steel rope. The A difficulty offers a 30-minute climb. The descend follows a beaten trail around rock walls.

Artist via ferrate   Artist on the left, Gratweg on the right

Except Artist, there is another ferrate in the foothills of the Ore Mountain. It is situated to your left if you face the rocks. The Gratweg via ferrate is of B difficulty. It risses 28 meters to the sky which makes wonderful, about 20-minute climb. It then follows a forest trail around rock walls where mountaineers climb.

Gratweg via ferrate   a steel step to make your climbing easier

Pros are going to appreciate Yeti via ferrate which is sort of an icing on the cake. The steel rope embraces the Zschopau river (Sapava or Sopava in Czech) from both sides. It is a challenge for you are expected to do some considerable performance for it is of E difficulty. The rope is tightly attached and it measures 35 meters. Secure yourselves on the right side (when you face the river). Thus, you finish on the left side. There is a considerably difficult yet short section before the finish. However, you can skip this. 

Yeti ferrate

You can spend a wonderful day at this place. Sit on the rocky monument. Enjoy the view of the forest of the Ore Mountains.

the view over nature   descending trail

GPS: (Wolkenstein) 50°39'19.8"N 13°04'05.9"E

Text: Šárka Vacková

Photos: Šárka Vacková, Wikimeda Commons: Reinhard aus Sachsen

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