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CZ, Dobrichovice: Perfect Harmony - VIDEO

Published: 24.9.2013
Central-Bohemian town of Dobrichovice is a perfect tourist destination. It is located only thirty minutes to west from Prague. Moreover, the town is on a railway so your traveling there would be really easy.

Dobrichovice seems as a nice place at first. Everyone who visited it can honestly say that that is true. The town is located on the Berounka. This is somewhat of a guarantee to tourists as surroundings of the Berounka is very beautiful. It is very close from there to flooded quarries called the Americas , fabulous Karlstejn and also the ruins of Karlik Castle where the movie Noc na Karlstejne was shot. Well, lets end this day dreaming and take a look of present Dobrichovice.


Idyll in Dobrichovice

Sun is shining above roofs of Dobrichovice Castle and its mirrors on surface of the Berounka. It is hard to focus on fishermen who are emerged in the water to their waist. A young man lies on a towel on grass at riverbank and dogs run around him. Absolute idyll. Castle Dobrichovice and vicinity are great to relax. Also mood of people there supports this; they enjoy perfect symbiosis of beautiful castle, fizzing river and sun.

zámek Dobřichovice

Ideal Start for Trips in Surroundings

This place only ten kilometers from the most popular Czech castle is an ideal place from which you can get to beautiful nature of Cesky Kras. People with dogs and even people from Prague love Dobrichovice. Their beloved four-legged pets cat enjoy water as much as they want. After a comfortable ride by train you can easily get from the train station to the castle. Not only people from Prague love Dobrichovice, but many others. People of Dobrichovice even say that tourists can even make a trip to Prague.

Dobrichovice is perfect for trips. You can take a walk to near and beautiful Kralicke valley or visit Karlstejn. If you have a bike you can ride to Cernosice, for instance. There are enough bike trails and tourist trails to choose from. Anywhere you go around the Berounka you wouldn’t be disappointed.

zámek Dobřichovicezámek Dobřichovicezámek Dobřichovice

zámek Dobřichovice

Dobrichovice Castle

We have already mentioned the castle in Dobrichovice. Now we will speak of it more in detail. It was built by Hynek Berka of Duba in a renaissance style. However, the present look of the castle is late baroque. Only two halls are opened to the public, mostly wedding celebrations are held there and there is also Zamecky hrad restaurant. The west wing consists of St Juda Thaddeus chapel. A statue of St Wenceslas and St John of Nepomuk decorate the yard in front of the castle.

zámek Dobřichovice

Not only weddings make Dobrichovice Castle alive. Every year medieval celebrations are held there as well as a king’s journey from Prague to Karlstejn . People enjoy Dobrichovice theatre celebrations, they are also known for sculptors’ symposium the Way of Marble.    

Dobrichovice is a well-known residential area thanks to its good connection with Prague. People owing cottages also love this area so it is a lively place especially on weekends and the summer season.

zámek Dobřichovice

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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