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CZ, Beautiful Places in the Land of Stories I

Published: 22.5.2019
Today we visit beautiful and mysterious places surrounded by forests, underground caves and tree-top paths.

We will start in the former quarry Velká Amerika near Prague. This abandoned quarry can be found just outside the capital city, not far from Karlštejn Castle. It's called the Czech Grand Canyon. Limestone was mined here and it is 800 m long, 200 m wide and up to 100 m deep flooded quarry. On its bottom there are two interconnected ponds with clear water. The water is attractive for swimming, but it is forbidden to enter. You can safely explore the quarry either from the viewpoint right by the parking lot or from the paths leading around Great America.

 Velká Amerika Quarry, (c) Tomáš Doucha, CzechTourism

And when you are here, take the opportunity to follow the marked trails where you can see the majestic royal castle of Karlštejn from all sides. You will be surprised how few visitors you will meet. So at least in comparison with the town of Karlštejn in the castle.

Karlštejn, (c) Ladislav Renner, CzechTourism

Our next stop is the karst abyss of Macocha near the city of Brno. This pearl of South Moravia has an unmistakable charm. The abyss is situated in the area of the Moravian Karst and its origin is a result of the fall of the vault of a large underground karst dome. At present, the bottom of the abyss is about 160 meters deep, making it one of the deepest abysses in Central Europe. You can visit Macocha with a guide and a boat trip on the Punkva River is an unforgettable experience. Hiking trails lead past the precipice, allowing you to explore the pristine deciduous forest..

Moravian Karst, (c) Libor Sváček, CzechTourism

The Valaška Trail in Pustevny is equally beautiful. It is situated in the Beskydy Mountains, not far from the industrial capital of the region - Ostrava. It is a relatively new Valaška treetop path. If you decide to visit this attraction, you will find yourself in the land of peace, tranquility and mountain nature. The footbridge between the trees begins at the upper station of the cableway at Pustevny. The construction also includes a 22-meter high observation tower, from which you can see the Jeseníky Mountains or Slovakia. The trail offers two unique technical solutions. A suspended path and a glass lookout that evokes the feeling that one stands in the air.

Litomyšl, (c) UPVISION

Gradually we will move to the east Bohemian town of Litomyšl with its chateau, which is a jewel of Renaissance architecture. However, we will focus on the nearby nature reserve with sandstone rocks. This place is called Toulovcovy Maštale. It is a system of narrow gorges that form a hidden rock town. You will enjoy the interwoven system of corridors, caves and holes with interesting names like Kitchen, Cellar, Mouse Hole or Bell. Rocks form chalk sandstone of marine origin. You can roam for hours, and it is possible that you will not meet a living soul thanks to all the trails and paths.

Toulovcovy Maštale, (c) Destinační společnost Českomoravské pomezí

Toulovcovy Maštale, (c) Destinační společnost Českomoravské pomezí Toulovcovy maštale, (c) destinační společnost Českomoravské pomezí

Next we take you to other beautiful places.

GPS: 49°22'24.4"N 16°43'46.2"E (Macocha)


Source: PR, CzechTourism

Photos: Destinační společnost Českomoravské pomezí (title), (c) by images

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