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Lower Austria: Advent Traditions, History, and Enchanting Places

Published: 24.11.2019
As Christmas approaches, Lower Austria's castles, monasteries and blacksmith workshops are opening their gates. You can also discover the art of craftsmen and trumpeters at the various Advent markets. The pre-Christmas atmosphere is enhanced not only by impressive baskets with burning fire and mugs of hot cider, but also by the wonderful environment. The old customs that are often forgotten in the Christmas hurry are here at almost every step.

We invite you to visit 6 regions of Lower Austria, which are easily accessible by public transport and car, thanks to their convenient location around Vienna.

Weinviertel - (c) Weinviertel Tourismus / Astrid Bartl

Weinviertel - (c) Weinviertel Tourismus / Astrid Bartl   Weinviertel, Kellergasse - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Robert Herbst

Weinviertel – zvyky a tradice vinného regionu

Experience how Christmas and Advent were once thanks to the cellar lanes and scenery of the historic sights of the Weinviertel region. If you are looking for Christmas cookies here, wish "Weihnachtskrapferl"! It is a local name for sweet pastries. Enjoy the joy of Christmas by strolling the longest cellar lane in Europe in Hadres or strolling through Loamgrui, an idyllic village with approximately 60 mills. All tips for Advent markets in this area can be found here.

Weinviertel, Kellergasse - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Robert Herbst

Gaming - (c) Mostviertel Tourismus, schwarz-koenig.at

Radiant Christmas - Hot  Cider and Iron Sparks

Light and fire, cider and iron. The patron saints of the Mostviertel region in their best form present themselves at the Advent event "Radiant Christmas" (Flammende Weihnacht). Fire and cold create in the castles of Waidhofen a. D. Ybbs, Neubrücke, St. Peter in the Au, in the blacksmithing of Ybbs, in the Carthusian Gaming monastery and in the abbey of Seitenstetten, a pleasant and exceptional pre-Christmas atmosphere. Small but charming Advent events in Lunz, Sonntagberg, Rosenau and Reinsberg for the first time enrich the range of markets. More advent trip tips can be found here.

Waidhofen - (c) Mostviertel Tourismus, schwarz-koenig.at

Melk - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert

Advent in Wachau – Experience Amazing Historical Scenery

Concentrate on what is essential - family and friends and enjoy the calm season of the year. Where vineyards, orchards and gardens bloom in all its splendor, there is real peace in the winter. The Rossatz and Spitz castles, the Melk and Göttweig abbeys, as well as the ruins of Dürnstein and Aggstein castles become the scene of Advent concerts and markets during the Advent in Wachau program. When the trumpeters sound and the smell of mulled wine spreads across the Danube valley, a peaceful atmosphere is everywhere. Traditional Christmas Market at Rathausplatz St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, offers everything you want from the markets and what you always look forward to. Also, do not miss the complete news! The GARTEN TULLN botanical garden will be lit up for the first time in the glitter of Christmas lights during this year's Advent weekend. An overview of all advent markets in the Wachau area can be found here.

Göttweig - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Robert Herbst   St. Polten - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Robert Herbst

Melk - (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert

Bad Vöslau - (c) Märchenhaften Advent, Silke Ebster

Children's Eyes Spark in the Vienna Woods

The Advent Markets in the Vienna Woods are as colorful as the Advent calendar in the children's room. Live Christmas trees and fairy-tale characters are running in front of the magically lit castle in Bad Vöslau. Perinbaba also appears at Neuhaus, shaking her duvet and telling the children a fairy tale. A tour of the past will take you to the historic rooms of the former hunting castle of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty, which is exclusively open to visitors to Advent markets.

Bad Vöslau - (c) Märchenhaften Advent, Rene Kussnow

Kirschlag - (c) Wiener Alpen / Christian Kremsl

Zimní adventní túra ve Vídeňských Alpách

Frozen streams and snow-capped mountains are unique natural locations for Advent markets. In the Vienna Alps, visiting cozy Christmas markets is often associated with a winter walk. On the castle hill high above the town of Kirschlag while drinking punch, you can enjoy a perfect view of the Bucklige Welt hills in the castle ruins. In the elegant Reichenau Castle, you can stroll between the stalls and taste game ham prepared according to an old recipe, smoked trout and shredder. All other tips for Advent markets in this area can be found here.

Reichenau - (c) Wiener Alpen / Christian Kremsl

advetní trhy, Rosenburg - (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

In Waldviertelu, Craft Is Close to People's Hearts

Handmade products give the gift even more uniqueness and beauty. Many crafts from the Christmas market stalls at Rosenburg Castle, Grafenegg, Zwettl and Weitra will delight you under the tree. You can get inspired in Advent markets and then try handicraft at the Waldviertel Craft Weeks. For a moment you become turner, potter or weaver. But if that is not enough, with the help of real professionals you will learn to cook many specialties of poppy, potatoes, beer, herbs etc. at the Waldviertler Häferlgucker event.

řemesla ve Waldviertelu - (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, Robert Herbst   Waldviertler Häferlgucker - (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

Here you can order free brochures with the program of Advent Lower Austria events or you can download the catalog online in PDF here.

městečko Weitra - (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

We wish you the most beautiful Christmas markets in Lower Austria

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Source: PR, Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH

Photos: (c) Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert (úvodní), (c) by photos

Edited by: Infoglobe

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