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SVK: Stupava - Biofarm "Príroda"

Published: 28.7.2011
Everyday working duties, looking after household and a family, all these activities form only a part from a complex of things we have to do daily. Moreover, when we add to such activities the settlements of tasks in offices or daily drive inside overcrowded means of transport, it could frequently happen that we do not have any liking to leave the home.

Biofarm PrírodaNevertheless, this could be a fault. Just at that moment, we would to obtain new power, in the best way, inside fresh air and marvellous nature. In the outskirts of Slovak capital, you can take advantage of more possibilities for active spending of your leasure time. Just close to Bratislava, many marked cycling and tourist routes are available. We are sure that you can choose the right one, corresponding to your form or your actual state of mind. So, after momental consideration, what to do during weekend, I decided with my friend, to spend our Saturday afternoon in Biofarm Stupava. Regarding tourist walking, we feel to be too lazy but we did not give up our weekend in the nature. So, we decided to make acquiantance with another beautiful locality, not far from our home - Biofarm Priroda.

How to get there?

If you arrive in direction from Bratislava, you have the choice from two possibilities. The first one leads, following old road from Bratislava via Zahorska Bystrica and Stupava. You continue ahead in direction to Lozorno. Passing Stupava, after three kilometres of drive, you see, along right side of the road, transformer station, and close to it, Biofarm Priroda information plate. Attention, please: do not turn aside to the right immediately after this station (we did it by mistake) but you have to turn right at the next diversion, following forest path. In this section, the marking is synonymous but you have to drive very carefully and slowly (keep the speed 30 kms/h), as the road is relatively narrow and there is moving not only of cars but also pedestrians. The second access road leads on highway in direction to Brno. At Lozorno Exit, you do not turn aside to the left (in direction to this locality) but to the right in direction to Stupava. Along right side, you pass Artezska Studna parking place, where you see the marking towards Biofarm Priroda. So, from main road, you turn to the left to forest path. Immediately in front of the entry to the area, you find free parking.

Attention: the parking is completelly full during weekends! But the parking is also possible along the path, too.

A Unique Chalet in Small Carpathian Mountains

Biofarm PrírodaExtended area of this Biofarm (with chraracteristic name Priroda) is situated inside leafy woods of Small Carpathian Mountains. The entrance is free of charge. Anyway, immediately when you pass the entry gate, you can forget your everday domestic duties and start to enjoy quiet atmosphere around. Not only all children, also you will be enthusiastic with a view to big number of home animals (farm inhabitants) which could be not only admired but also to be stroken. You can meet there, for instance, hens, chickens, small horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, dogs, cats or big sheep herds. Some animals were closed inside their fowl-runs, whereas some other moved free among visitors. On this occasion, I wish to draw attention to all guests: As some animals are moving free inside the area, grazing tasty grass, severe smoking prohibition is declared Biofarm Prírodathere. The only space for smokers, I discovered, was reserved from latteral part of chalet, close to WC cabins. But, believe me, you do not have an energy to smoke. If you are too tired, and cannot walk around the farm more, you can have a rest in shadow of bushy trees, and observe the surroundings. All small visitors have playground available. Those more courageous ones have a chance to do small horse riding or can use, together with their parents, a drive in carriage, drawn by horses. The other attraction is to follow how the sheep will be milked or how the sheep cheese is manufactured.


No Chance for Hunger

In this immense area, there are reserved more places, where you can, together with a group of your friends, or with your family members, to roast sausages or grill tasty meat of vegetables. The gridirons for grilling as well as a hearth, were accessible, to our surprise and disappointment, accessible for payment only. On the other hand, the carrier will prepare for you the wood, sticks for roasting or a bag for rubbish, and all will be removed, so you are not forced to do anything, regarding such prepare works. So, we preferred to visit local chalet and taste home specialities there. Sheep-cheese pasta together with bacon were excellent meals, for sure. Before our return home, we had a stop in local Datelinka Bioshop. We bought there freshly baked bread and sheep-cheese, manufacrured from raw milk from local sheep. We returned home, full of positive energy. We found in biofarm all we looked for. It it a relax and rest in pleasant millieu.

Text/photo: O. Kubáčková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

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