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Austria: Green, Mountainous Country – VIDEO

Published: 8.8.2017
Austria is a very popular summer vacation spot. It has high mountains. Today we give you several tips where to go.

The country is rich, clean, landscaped and it almost seems perfect. Beautiful towns and villages are situated in quiant nature. Over 70% of Austrians are Roman Catholics. Therefore, there is a church in almost any village. Tourists come here to hike in the mountains and beautiful nature. Mountainous west is the most frequented part of the country. However, large cities such as Vienna, Graz or Salzburg are popular too.

the vista from the south of Daschtein   Christianity is dominant in Austria

mountains of Austria

The capital of Vienna is situated in the east of the country. The historic core was listed as UNESCO world heritage in the year 2001. There is a lot to see – town hall, St Stephen's cathedral, the parliament, Schönbrunn chateau etc. Graz is another city frequented by tourists and also listed as UNESCO world heritage. The clock tower and Schlossberg hill are among its main features. The hills is listed in Guiness World Books of Records and Curiosities. It is the most difficult stronghold to conquer in the world (they managed to defend it against everybody even though it is a little hill). Graz is a town of students. There are six universities.

Schönbrunn chateau   Belvedere

Nejvyšší horou země je Grossglockner (3 798 m) is the highest mountain It sits on the border of two Austrian repbulics – Carinthia and Tirol – in the Hohe Tauern. The Hohe Tauern was declared Hohe Tauern National Park in 1981. If you intend to enjoy the vista over the beautiful mountain, go up the popular Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse alpine road. You reach it if you turn to Ferleiten when you pass Krössenbach. Kaprun town is another great point of interest for people who like mountain hiking, bike riding or skiing. Krimmel Waterfalls near Krimml. These multiple-level watercascades are Europe's highest waterfalls. Simply incredible. If you love mountain hiking be sure to set off for a trek to the national park and spend there couple of days.

vodstvo vysokých Taur   hory Vysokých Taur

Dachstein massif  is another popular spot. Dachsteain offers great yet strenous via ferratas and walks on glacier. The town of Hallstatt and Salzkammer are listed in UNESCO world heritage list. Salzkammer is reachable by rack railway, walk or via ferrata. The area is rich on karst caves and ice caves. However, in order to see everything prepare to spend a large amount of money. Cave entrance fees are expensive as well as cable cars which get you to wonderful lookouts over the Dachstein massif. 

Hallstatt   zajištěná cesta na Dachteinu

Austria is full of amazing places. If you don't want to spend your vacation by the sea and prefer nature instead, this is a great choice.


Text and videos: Martina Brožková

Photos: Martina Brožková, Jiří Výborný

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