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Italy Once - Italy Again! VI.

Published: 26.6.2010
When staying in Ischia, you wish certainly to visit Capri Island by ferry. In past, Capri was a summer seat of August and Caesar Emperors, rulers of Antique Rome. Later, also another famous personalities spent their holidays in Capri, too, such as T. G. Masaryk or Max Gorkij, I. S. Turgenew, local villas were owned by writers A. Munthe or C. Malaparte.

Anyway, during your way to Capri, the ferry approaches to the port of the town of the same name, and you do knot know, what to do. Several coffee bars, specialized especially for tourists from ferries, are offering their services. So, you drink your cup of ice-coffee and leave this place as soon as possible! In general, the island is not big (the surface makes 10 square kilometres approx.). but the exercise in hot weather is not too pleasant at all. Would you try vespa-bicycle (maybe, it could be risky!) but, on the other hand, it is quite safe, and you can find soon that this transfer is a „daily must“ of all local inhabitants of Capri. Rent office is situated directly in the port, this vespa-bicycle for two persons, for tthe whole afternoon, would be cheaper as the fares for local bus or boat transfer to Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave), and, moreover, you are independent! In order to rent a vespa-bicycle, you need any type of driving licence and you can immediately drive ahead! (allowed speed is those of 40 kms/hour but smaller speed of 30 kms/hour could be accepted as well). Another essential information: the precedence on rounder-bound is taken here as a recommndation only, and this fact is valid always, regarding traffic rules at driving on right side of the road. You are recommended to visit these two main important places of interest, such as:

The first one is Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave). You find there that blue colour shade is there is from the reason, that blue illuminations are placed under water level. You step the boat, enter inside the cave, you are outside within five minutes, and the show is over. Maybe, this cave could make for you the similar impression as, in past for Alexander Dumas, French writer, when he said: „The cave was probably created by God himself!“ Regrading the other cave, so called Grotta Verde (Green Cave) your impressions could be similar, but after having seen this first one, you do not have the intention to enter, obviously from lack of time.

Axel Munthe Villa is the second place of interest of Capri Island. You will get the conviction that world famous work (The Book about Life and Death) was quite profitable for the author but you do not need to be envious of him. Nevertheless, Axel Munthe, Swedish doctor, let there, in the whole area of Naples Bay, and especially here, in Capri, his expressive trace. He came there as voluntary doctor  during cholera epidemy time period, which broke in Naples in 1883. Later, he bought in Capri an estate with vineyards and discovered there the bases of ancient Roman Villa, where he built his new home, collecting consequently with artefacts and archaeological findings from the environs. So, this villa became a small museum, managed by local Foundation Fund. This Villa San Michele is placed in pleasant small town of Anacapri. As mentioned before, the villa was constructed on Roman ruins. You will be enthusiasted with its interior and collections. Nevertheless, the other building, Villa Malaparte, could be found with some difficulties, as it is not drawn in most of cards. But it is worth to go there. The villa is ultra-modern functionalistic building from 1930. It is quite interesting matter that Malaparte (autor of romans - Skin and Caput) referred the villa to Union of Chinese Writers. How the matter finished, it is unknown but it is a certain fact that Chinese writers never visited this seat.

While you will be mounting narrow winding roads of the island, you find a special lawfulness: the higher you mount, the more luxurious are the villas, its gardens are more extent, and the cactuses are more powerful. It seems that rich builders of Capri got over easy access to the sea-side, in order to have more calm and quiet conditions for relax available. And this could not be your case: you turn handlebars of your vespa-bicycle and return to the sea shore. In Capri, you can find many beaches, you can choose it by chance or in accordance with the plan, which is available everywhere.

Nevertheless, most charming are such beaches, where the slopes are dropping, with various rocky snug corners, where you can fully enjoy swimming. It is a change, having comparison with Ischia Island but, if you wish to catch , before your return, a sightseeing of Santo Stefano Church, and a view of August Gardens, you could have a lack of time, we are sur

Text: Jan Chaloupka 

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: google.com

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