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Turkey, Istanbul: Kadiköy – A District on the Asian Coastline of the Bosporus – VIDEO

Published: 19.4.2022
Many visitors to Istanbul make the mistake of staying in the "European" part of the city. However, just cruising across the Bosporus is one of the unforgettable experiences, on the other side there are plenty of interesting places to see. One of them is the cosmopolitan district of Kadiköy, where tradition blends with the modern way of life.

In Kadiköy you will find, among other things, the largest food market in Turkey. You buy mainly a lot of fish and seafood, but also olives, dates, sweets, pastries, meat, vegetables or fruits. In many places you can eat directly, vendors alternate gyro, grilled fish or shells and a lot of restaurants.

The neighborhood also includes the oldest mosque in Istanbul. The Ottoman conquerors gained this territory under their control almost a hundred years before Constantinople on the European side of the Bosporus.


Kadiköy is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city, it is home to the Turks and the Armenians, Uzbeks, Greeks, Albanians and Kurds. That is why you can find here several different churches, and even synagogues. If you have more time, I recommend tasting some of their specialties, myself, for example, by visiting an excellent Uzbek restaurant.

But the most popular is the local lifestyle. Berlin Kreuzberg does not belong among Kadiköy's sister neighborhoods, in many cases the two "Hipster" districts are incredibly similar. Throughout the day, enjoy the bustle of the main streets with shops and the marketplace, and in the evening, a part full of restaurants and pleasant bars will come to life.

v Kadiköy objevíte spoustu skvělých graffiti   graffiti

Local people know how to enjoy life properly. You can meet a lot of people cin the streets. Be it couples, athletes, retired people on the promenade around the sea, a party of friends at the opulent late breakfast or the evening with a "bucket" on the curb, or old people with a typical glass of tea for playing backgammon, ladies or chess. Cats roam everywhere and you can easily hear screaming seagulls. This all creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

lidé se tu opravdu často setkávají   místní se rádi setkávají venku u čaje či kávy a stolních her

na každém rohu jsou kočky

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is best to go to Kadiköy by boat, most easily from the dock near Galata Bridge. Whether from Karaköy or Eminönü. There stretches even a subway line below the Bosporus. However, travelling by subway means that you will miss the beautiful view of much of the city and the majestic bridge of the Martyrs. Ships work as a regular public transport, so you can easily pay a Istanbul card, which you can get and charge at arrival, it is in any ticket machine.

lodě tu slouží jako MHD a krom jednoho mostu a jedné linky metra jde o jediné spojení na evropskou stranu města

If you only travel to Istanbul to perform some sightseeing for a couple of days, just make a boat cruise to Kadiköy and back. But if you want to experience the city at least a bit from the point of view of local people, stop at the Asian side for at least a day for you will not regret it.

GPS: 40°59'16.5"N 29°03'30.8"E


Text, photos and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Ketsa

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